The modeling portion of a rodeo queen contest gives the judges and the audience the opportunity to see how you will carry yourself and to see the style of western clothing you chose to wear.

Miss Idaho Rodeo USA ModelingCredit: jmwildingIn some contests you might be asked to model more than once and in several different outfits.  Why does a rodeo queen need to know how to model?  Western wear clothing manufacturers are major sponsors of the sport of rodeo and quite often the rodeo queens are asked to model their clothing at many different events.  Also, as a rodeo queen you will asked to participate in numerous events that require your presence onstage and you should know how to present yourself in these situations.

The modeling portion of a contest is your best opportunity to show the audience and, most importantly, the judges, that you are a contestant that is full of confidence.  You also want them to see that you actually enjoy what you are doing!  Not everyone is confident enough to go on a stage in front of a group of people and model the outfit they are wearing.  Ask your mom to do it for you and I bet she will feel too self-conscious to do it, even at home!  It does take confidence and in doing so you need to make the statement to the audience that, “Here I am, Look at me!”  You can make this statement without even saying the words as it will show with the confident way you walk and smile. 

When modeling in a pageant it is all about posture, posture, and more posture.  Again, posture is the key component of good modeling.  Have I stressed this enough?  Without good posture you will not be able to walk or stand properly!  To test your posture, stand with your back against the wall.  Pull up!  Your chin should be slightly up and parallel from the floor with your shoulders straight.  Is the small of your back touching the wall?  If not, then you are not using good posture.  Pull your waist up from the ribs, raise your rib cage and roll your torso until the small of your back is touching the wall.  Keep your tummy tight and tucked in.  This might not be exactly the most comfortable position, but you will look taller and you will have a straight up and down look.

Next you must learn to stand with your knees slightly bent.  Remember to never lock your knees if you are standing for a long period of time, especially when it is hot.  Girls have been known to faint from doing this.  Keep a “comfortable” but proper stance at all times, don’t slouch!  Always stand in the “modeling” stance while speaking, answering questions, standing in the background or anytime you are representing your title and with a group of people. 


UsiRodeo Queen ModelCredit: jmwildingng the arms are something that many contestants have a problem doing.  Either they are over swinging or hold them too tightly to the side.  The best way to use your arms is to slightly and naturally swing them from the shoulders and opposite of the leg movement - right leg, left arm forward.  Make sure you bring your arms up and place your hands right on your waistline and no lower such as on your hips.  By doing this, you will emphasize a “small” waist and not bring attention to your hips which is important especially for girls who have an hourglass shape or slightly larger hips.

Now is the time to start walking and practicing!  Don’t wait until the contest.  Make sure you practice while wearing your modeling boots.  They might be totally different than another pair of shoes or boots.  You need to get used to how your modeling boots feel and sound while walking in them.  Practice walking on all surfaces, hardwood floor, carpet, stairs, etc.  Practice while wearing your modeling outfit as some skirts are tight and more difficult to walk in. 

Walk with your heels in a straight line while the toes are turned slightly to the outside.  Place one foot directly in front of the other.  As your left heel touches down, your right heel comes forward in line where your left heel was.  The steps you take should be no longer than your foot.  Keep your knees flexed to give a smooth and gliding (floating) movement.  Hold your head back, not pushed forward. 

Now its time for more practice!  Good modeling takes a lot of practice and you must take the time to do it as often as you can.  Practice your modeling techniques as you are walking down the halls at school, while shopping at the mall, and even during exercise.  Keep your posture nice and straight and practice taking smooth gliding steps.  Don’t pay attention if you get some admiring glances!  Watch yourself in a full length mirror while you are walking.  A great idea is to have mom get out the camera and film you so that you can see how you are doing and then correct your mistakes.

Make sure you don’t bounce and definitely don’t flip your hair around.  You are not a cheerleader!  Even if they are playing fast music, try to keep the pace slower because you are not dancing.  Make it look like your upper body just floats.

Miss Rodeo(43758)Credit: jmwilding

To learn the correct turns and pivots - take lessons from a qualified modeling coach if at all possible.  They take a lot of practice to be done correctly.  State and past rodeo queens are great ones to ask for help.  You might have to pay a small fee to have this coaching but it will be well worth it in the long run. 

Make up a modeling pattern that you can practice.  Practice working on with a pattern that can be used on a T-ramp as well as on a regular stage.  Be flexible so that if you have a few changes thrown at you, you can handle them.  Make sure you practice with stairs!  If possible try to practice on the actual stage or area where they are holding the modeling portion of your contest.  Have someone read your modeling card so you can time your modeling pattern to how long it is.

When modeling, acknowledge everyone in the room throughout your whole pattern.  Try to never leave the audience with your head.  Slowly turn it around so that you are always looking at someone.  Smile during the whole pattern.  Show your personality.  When you are finished, stop, acknowledge the audience and the judges once again, and then leave the stage if you are supposed to leave.  If not, step back and wait for the rest of the program and let the emcee be your guide. 

Once again, smile!  Wow the audience with your confidence and personality and it will make up for any little imperfections you have with your modeling steps!