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Modena is located on the south side of the Po Valley, and is part of the Province of Modena and the Emilia Romagna area in Italy. Modena is famous for being the place where many types of Italian sports cars are made or were made in the past.

This makes Modena the capital of engines and the cars are the Ferrari, Pagani, De Tomasco, Maserati and the Lamborghini. There is even a car named after the town, the 360 Modena and a special color that you can get a Ferraris in is called Modena yellow.

Modena is also famous for education in the form of economics, law, and medicine at the University of Modena, which has been educating students since clear back to 1175. There is also a place that holds more than 3,000 items of print from history: the Biblioteca Estense. Another educational place is the Modena Military Academy, which is considered as the Westpoint of Italy.

 Modena is also famous for its production of balsamic vinegar, as well as its production of famous people like music stars Vasco Rossi and Mirella Freni and Luciano Pavarotti.

Through the ages, different peoples have inhabited Modena, including the Etruscans, Villanovans, Ligurian tribes, and the Gaulish Boii. There have been many battles fought over it over the centuries with it changing hands several times.

Sights to See in Modena

If you are on Italy trips then you will want to know what to go see on sightseeing trips to Italy. If you come to Modena don’t miss out on the following attractions:

The Cathedral and the Ghirlandina

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The Cathedral of Modena is considered to be one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It began to be built in 1099 by decree of Countess Matilda of Tuscany and it was finally done in 1184. In-between the tomb for Saint Geminianus was finished in 1105.

Ducal Palace

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The Ducal Palace began to be built in 1634 under the order of Francesco I d’Este and was then completed by Francis V. Inside the palace is a military museum and a library. Military ceremonies are performed inside the Honor Court of the palace. The famous central hall has a depictation of the Incoronation of Bradamante by Marco Antonio Franceschini and there is another great work covered with gilded panels, the Salottinio D’Oro.

Town Hall

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The Modena Town Hall was built in the 17th and 18th centuries. There is a clcok tower from the 15th century that also had another tower with it until that was destroyed in a 1671 earthquake.

Inside the town hall is several famous things, including a famous statue, the La Bonissima, as well as a painted frieze done by Niccolo dell Abbatte in 1546 that shows people from the ancient days of Rome. Plus, there is a special bucket that is in memorium of the Battle of Zappolino against Bolgona, and a relic that dates to the Middle Ages called the Preda Ringadora, which is a large, rectangle shaped stone made of marble that was used for a platform for speakers.

Museum Palace

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The Palace Museum was designed as a Hostel for the Poor and now it holds several Modena museums, including the Estense Gallery, the Estense library, the museum of Mediaveval and Modern Art, the Municipal Museum of Risorgimento, the Este Headsones Muserum, the Graziosi Gallery and the Archaeological and Ethnological Musems.

Famous Churches of Modena

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Several famous churches have also stood in Modena over the centuries, including San Vincenzo (built in 17th century), Santa Maria della Pomposa (1135),  San Giovanni Decollato (16th century, with modifications in the 18th century), Church of the Augustine (14th and 17th century) and the Church of St. Francis (1244 beginnings and finished 200 years later).

So, no matter if you want to see culture in the form of museums, beauty in the form of artwork, fancy cars or you want to eat great food and drink some Italian wines, you can find all of that and more in Modena on your Italy trips.