One of the best things to have in your entry way is an antique hall tree coat rack complete with landing strip and hat rack. Not all homes are able to handle such an entry way however.

There are often limitations on space but the hall tree coat rack especially is handy if you have room for one because coat closets can easily get filled up with items for storage. Additionaly coats, hats, and jackets are the first things to be removed and stored when entering a home. Without a handy and convenient place to unload your coat when you enter your house it gets very easy for things to get a little messy.

Another major advantage to having an antique style hall tree coat rack is that the hall tree rack is designed to be very versatile. Hall trees are designed to be tall and slender so they can fit into small areas and because they have a variety of hooks and hangers on them they can easily hold a large variety of coats, jackets and sweaters while still having plenty of room left over for hats, umbrellas, and even shoes.

Types Of Hall Tree Coat Racks

Antique Hall Tree Coat RackOf course not all hall tree coat racks will be able to handle the same amount of items and some will be more adept at handling coats over hats, and or accessories over coats. A wooden hall tree coat rack that is missing an umbrella base will not only be more top heavy but it won't be able to accommodate the extra accessories such as umbrellas or shoes which may need to be removed when entering the house from a wet outdoor environment. On the positive side however these basic hall trees will have a more slim design and may be able to fit in tighter quarters.

Metal Coat Rack With Umbrella StandOn the other end of the spectrum a larger and more adaptable coat rack hall tree may be quite wide at the base providing a more secure stand allowing for the storage of more items. When the base is wider it will require more floor space to occupy however the top may be wider as well which opens up the possibilities for expanded storage of hats, scarves, and other accessories.

Coat rack hall trees can come in both antique design and more modern styles but no matter the design they are most all made from either hard woods or metals such as copper or iron. The harder the wood or the heavier the metal the sturdier the hall tree will be but the price of these hall tree coat stands will increase as well.

The Antique Hall Tree Coat Rack

Hall Tree Coat Rack With Storage BenchMany people have hall trees in their homes, some even have multiples but there is a vast difference in the size, durability, and style of each piece of furniture. Hall trees tend to be designed with inspiration dating back to antique and vintage stylings. There are of course more modern takes on the hall tree coat rack but the antique wooden hall tree coat rack is generally considered standard and valued.

The difference of course between cheap hall trees and expensive hall trees is not that they are antique inspired or of modern design it is actually the quality and construction that sets the price and tone for thee types of coat stands.

Oak Hall Tree With Storage BenchThe antique coat rack may have a wide base and all elements are made from beautiful decorated wood designs but without quality construction the stand may be quite easy to knock over and may need constant care in keeping the hall tree evenly balanced. Heavier woods or metals are often good for increasing the stability of a hall tree as are adjustable pegs that make the coat rack usable.

Depending on your usage of your coat rack you may be able to adjust the location and height of the pegs to increase its stability. True antique coat racks will not likely have these adjustable features but styling can often be implemented into modern functionality to create a very usable piece for your home.

Where To Buy Hall Tree Coat Racks

Cherry Wood Coat Rack StandWooden and metal hall tree coat racks can easily be found in most home furnishing stores both locally and online. Stores like Wal-Mart, Target, and Pier One will always have some options in stock but if you want a more vintage or antique style of coat rack then you may want to search the many specialty stores online. Some home furnishing stores will have a bigger selection of hall trees in every style imaginable.

As previously stated there are wider and thinner hall trees but there are also differences in height and there are extra fancy styles of coat racks which are designed with a bench or seat near the foot of the coat hooks for you to sit on while removing or putting on your shoes. Many benches can even open up to reveal accessory storage so that you don't have to leave your wet or dirty items on the floor at the base of the rack.

If you want to get your hands on anything of super high quality or with extra functionality such as coat rack bench with shelf and storage then you may be out of luck pouring through your local stores. Real antiques and specialty items are always going to be found online at the specialty home furnishing stores and the price ranges for these items will be more reasonable and comparable as well. Even if you do find a local store that has what you are looking for you won't be able to ensure the best price without comparison shopping online.

Typical big online retailers like Amazon and eBay have big varieties of sellers of specialty furniture but so to does specialty furniture retailers like Home Furniture Showroom, iFurn, and One Way Furniture which specialize in antique and high quality furnishings. And because these retailers are online their pool of merchandise to choose from is much larger. This helps them better satisfy your wants and needs while also keeping prices low.

Of course if price is entirely your main concern you can find that online too, although search through your local thrift stores and used furniture retailers might yield similar results. A basic hall tree coat rack doesn't have to cost much if you are willing to buy used.