A well-designed bedroom featuring the clean lines of modern furniture can provide a sanctuary from the stress and pressures of today's fast paced lifestyle. The bedroom is the place where one can rejuvenate, relax and recharge, letting the cares of the day slip away and be replaced by a sense of calm and serenity. When choosing décor for a luxurious bedroom oasis, simplicity is key. Regardless of personal design style, modern bedroom furniture will lend an air of spaciousness and tranquility.

Choosing Bedroom Furniture

One of the most important decisions regarding the design element of any bedroom is the choice of furniture. It is very important to choose modern bedroom furniture that will compliment the scale of the room. For example, a large, over-sized four-poster bed can make a room with low ceilings feel crowded and closed in. A room with a low ceiling will accommodate a bed frame with a low headboard quite nicely, while adding to the light and airy feel of a room. A bedroom that boasts a high ceiling will easily accommodate a larger headboard.

modern bedroom furniture

Large pieces of furniture in a small room can become overbearing and make one feel claustrophobic. When making decisions regarding furniture for a bedroom, one should always take the dimensions of the room into consideration, choosing pieces that will best utilize the available space while creating a relaxing environment.

Consider the Practicality of Bedroom Pieces

One very important thing to consider when choosing modern furniture for the bedroom, is the ergonomic aspect of each piece, in other words, how functional is each piece of furniture? A bedside table should be the appropriate height to allow one to comfortably reach for a book, a glass of water or to turn on a lamp.

A typical bedside table measures approximately 28 to 30 inches, while the standard bed height is approximately 30 inches high. If choosing a bedside table that is higher or lower than the standard measurements, be sure to take ease of use into consideration. Many designers advocate the use of a matching set of bedside tables to balance the weight of the room and to provide a convenient place on either side of the bed to hold a light fixture.

An important piece of furniture for the bedroom is a classic chest of drawers. This is perhaps one of the most practical pieces of furniture that home decorators can buy. A chest of drawers can be used for storing clothing, extra bedding, seasonal items, jewelry and an assortment of other items. Having the option to store excess items away allows one to create a clean space that is absent of excess clutter. A chest of drawers, also commonly known as a dresser, can also be used as a wonderful place to display tasteful decorations such as framed photos, a special collection or an ornamental mirror.

Arrangement of Bedroom Furniture

Once the individual pieces of bedroom furniture have been selected, the next step is to artfully arrange the furniture. Take care to place furniture in a manner that allows for ample spacing between each piece. This will prevent a room from feeling overcrowded. One design trick that will benefit a small bedroom is to place an over sized mirror either propped against or hung on one wall. The reflection of the room in the mirror will create a more open and spacious feeling within the bedroom.

modern bedroom furniture

Those who have a bedroom with the adequate space may consider creating a small sitting space or reading nook. The simple placement of a comfortable and stylish chair, a small table and a lamp for reading can provide a welcoming respite from the day. Whether enjoying this designated space for curling up with a good book or a cozy cup of tea, a sitting area within a bedroom can elevate an ordinary bedroom to the next level of peace and relaxation.

Modern Furniture for the Bedroom

No matter what a person's particular design style, modern furniture is a natural choice for the bedroom. Modern bedroom furniture, with its timeless appeal, will give your bedroom sanctuary a calming feel. The clean lines, beautiful finishes and classic design elements of modern furniture all mesh together to create the perfect option for bedroom design. The bedroom is the only room in the home dedicated to rest, where one can truly recharge and ready them selves to face the stressors of the next day. In an effort to encourage this rejuvenating experience, everything in the bedroom should be chosen to focus on this goal. Art should be displayed only if it mirrors the serenity one desires, photos and other decorative items should foster a sense of centering and tranquility. Modern bedroom furniture is not overly ornate and does not have a distracting design quality, making it a wonderful and practical design element for any bedroom.