Modern Christmas decor breaks with tradition. This is the perfect style for a city loft or the person who feels like holiday decorating is too cluttered. If you live in a small space you might not have enough room to store traditional Christmas decorations all year long. You can make your holiday decorating fit in with the style of your home and furniture for a cohesive look. Plus, your home will really stand out and you'll be able to express your personality. One of the other benefits to this style is that it's minimalist which can save you a lot of money.

If you really want to do something different consider a modern art Christmas theme. This is a way to decorate for Christmas that definitely isn't kitschy or country. Try using a classic image such as Santa or a candy cane. Use a photo editing program to create large prints in funky colors like lime green or purple. You can draw the inspiration for the rest of your color palette from the Andy Warhol-esque artwork.

Don't fret if you don't have space for a Christmas tree. You can turn your wall into an art piece by hanging up canvases of evergreens. For a contemporary look put differing sizes of small mirrors on the wall in the shape of a tree. You can often find mirror stickers that won't damage your wall. This is a great alternative if you're allergic to trees or just don't want to haul one up to your apartment. When the season is over you can rearrange the mirrors to look like bubbles or polka dots.

Another alternative to a Christmas tree is the use of branches. You'll often find oversized branches in large vases in contemporary decor. If the branch is sturdy enough you can turn it into a focal point by hanging ornaments from it. Keep the look chic by using frosted glass ornaments in the same color. Vary the look by adding in chandelier crystals and differing the sizes and shapes of the ornaments. You won't need a Christmas tree skirt and you can stack the presents around the room to serve as accessories. One trick is to wrap all of your presents in the same white or metallic paper so they all coordinate and look intentional. You can also create a garland by using non traditional materials such as scarves, saris or strands of beads that will keep the room looking and feeling elegant.

For a white Christmas get the tree in on the act. You can use a metallic or frosted tree for a chic space that won't interrupt the flow of a white room. Hang found objects on the tree from glittering silver thread such as old keys, broken pieces of jewelry, and even small coffee cups. To bring in a Zen vibe make a garland from small pieces of rock or small pieces of mirrors. Just make sure that the tree is kid friendly. You can create your own color palette with ornaments like going with a cocoa brown, periwinkle and mustard yellow tree that will really get attention. You may only need a few colored ornaments on the tree so it doesn't start looking like a circus.

You can get a contemporary holiday style just by changing up your color palette. White is often used in modern decor; you may even have an all white room. Continue the theme for winter. You can make a white room into a winter wonderland. They don't call it a white Christmas for nothing right? This way your existing curtains, flooring, and paint all become part of the Christmas decor. The overall affect will be dramatic and work with what you already have in the room. If you want a splash of color pick either red or green, don't do both. This breaks up the traditional color palette. You can also decorate with items that aren't traditionally used for Christmas such as red satin throw pillows and a cozy blanket draped over a chaise lounge.

For a holiday table keep it chic. You can hang a carnation wreath in a dining room to bring just a subtle air of the holidays. Then pile on colorful glassware and subtle tablecloths. Skip the poinsettias and go for square vases full of white roses. You don't have to stick with a red and green color palette. By bringing in a black tree or lime green ornaments you can make your holiday decorating work with your existing color palette. You'll want to use a metallic color in your palette such as silver or gold for that opulent holiday feel. You can even incorporate chocolate brown into the holidays.

If you're stuck in creating a color palette then look at your existing wallpaper. Geometric wallpaper is a staple in modern decor and it can be the inspiration for your holiday decorating. Pull out a secondary color to really compliment the paper such as teal or hot pink. If you have a really unusual color palette you may want to paint your own Christmas ornaments or tie your own holiday bows to get a coordinating room on a budget. For the stockings, less is more. Say goodbye to the quilted look or holiday characters. Instead, buy or create a simple oversized wool or flannel stocking in a color like gray or chocolate brown. Glue on appliqués that look like cherry branches or polka dots.

Little snow men collections and Santa figurines really are too kitschy for a chic Christmas. You'll want to make big statements in the room, like hanging an oversized feather wreath above the fireplace. You should pick one accessory per room and then buy it in multiples so it creates a theme in your space. Instead base the room around stars. You might not even need to shop in the holiday section for this. Look for mirrored stars that will add a touch of glamour and sparkle to the room. Accent with a lot of glass votive holders to give light to the space.

Modern Christmas decor is only limited by your imagination. You can show off your own design sensibilities while decorating for the holidays.