Need to upgrade your communication skills cannot be over-emphasized. For you to be effective in steering the ship of leadership, relationship, and group communion, you need effective and modern communication skills.

The following effective and modern communication skills that have been tested and confirm would help you to get the best in any position you find yourself that needs carrying people along, to be able to achieve optimal success.

  1. Be Clear and understandable

Your language in use when communicating to an audience must be such that is clear, in simple words, and understandable. It is noted that clarity is the key to communication in any setup. Make use of simple words that speak exactly what you mean or intend to say, so as not to convey something else and mean another.

Your vocabulary must be such that your audience can grasp easily without trying to understand what you mean. As such avoid misappropriation of words and diction. Your spoken words should be able to convey images with understanding.

Your words should have mental pictures to your listeners. Always communicate with words that can easily point to what you are saying.

  1. Impact a Yes Minded Consciousness to Your Listeners

Never communicate in such away that your audience, instead of following you in a positive direct, revert to the opposite direction. That is to say, do not speak in such a way that your listeners will say no, we cannot, etc. It will kill their pull towards you and set them on an opposing camp.

Always impart a yes minded consciousness to your listeners, by finding and establishing a common point of view or a common ground of agreement. With this common ground of agreement at your opening speech, your audience can be won easily. Identify with any or their problem before speaking, to avoid looking condemning, which will cause them to revolt or seek defense.

  1. Your Speech Must be from a stirred up Heart

You must be stirred up in the delivery of your message. Your communication to your audience must be with boldness, assurance, and conviction. You must be able to convince your listeners of what you are telling them for them to believe in it. You must be able to assure them, before making them to be sure of what you are talking about.

You must possess a convincing, convicting, and converting voice. Always speak with a voice that is contagious, courageous, and enthusiastic. Your message must never be dull and boring, but fervent, earnest, and fully motivated; before you can motivate or carry your audience along. You must write or speak with enthusiasm.

  1. Beware of Communication Barriers and Avoid Them

Avoid Putting Forth Negative Attitudes. Your attitude determines your altitude. Never be judgmental, partial, impatient, touchy, hostile, rash, domineering, and threatening. Your listeners would also treat you likewise or refuse to accept your message. Also, avoid being Judgmental, and argumentative.

  1. Your Communication Must be a Dialogue and not a Monologue

For your message to be accepted there must be a response from your audience. You must not communicate in a one way only, but desire a two way communication, to be able to assess that your message has been received and understood.

You must continue to learn about effective and modern communication skills, to be able to get the best from your audience, and at the end become a successful communicator.

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