A modern design living room is sleek and minimalist which makes it perfect for the younger crowd or anyone who just wants to get clutter out of their life. The lack of a statement makes a statement in the space. Designing a modern living room is an opportunity to purge decorative accessories and unnecessary furniture pieces to simplify your life and the overall look of your space. It allows you to have the cool feeling of a city loft even if you live in the suburbs.

When deciding on colors for a contemporary living room decorating ideas think of a black and white photo. Black and white are both basic colors in modern design. You can try ebony floors with white walls for a room that is still traditional. If you have wood floors you can paint them white or install a white carpet and use black walls for a dramatic take. When you look at a black and white photograph you'll also see many different variations of gray. You can then pop these colors with neon tones like fuchsia or orange. Use bolder colors on smaller items like a throw pillow that will allow you to easily change out your overall color scheme. The starkness of the palette makes the statement in the room because the furniture is simplistic.

A sectional can be an important part of a modern living room set. It is functional, simplistic and provides a lot of seating. For small spaces, like an apartment, look for a sofa that has a sleek chaise lounge attached to it. The furniture helps make the statement and adds texture to the room. Keep the pieces low to the ground and look for stainless steel accents to pull the room together.

Shopping for Interiors for Living Room Spaces

If you aren't big on diy projects then you just need to make a statement with your furniture. Modern living room colors can be feminine. It's a way to bring in pinks and purples without your room seeming juvenile. Put a deep purple or bright fuchsia sofa against white floors and walls. Mix in purple curtains, a red sofa, or cool chairs. You can create your own unique color palette by popping the more feminine colors with red, yellow, chartreuse or orange. If the colors are all bright they will match in the space even if it's not a traditional color palette. You can also use living room wall decor to make your room pop.

Modern design interiors can still express your personality and be welcoming. Use tones of yellows and taupe for a warmer modern living room. You can mix in retro pieces with new furniture like bringing in a pair of patterned arm chairs and putting it with a new neutral sofa. This bucks the tradition of a love set and sofa set but still allows plenty of seating. You'll also be able to move the arm chairs around the room to change up the floor plan and take advantage of the best lighting in the space. A modern design living room pays homage to the past while looking forward to the future. It can be part of a bachelor pad that actually has style. You can also gravitate towards modern design if you are compromising with your spouse or you just want an organized space.