For the serious doll collector, having a collection of doll clothes reminiscent of many periods is a must. The selection of specific pieces of doll clothes is by far the most important item on the agenda, right after you have purchased your dolls.

Selecting doll clothing for your favorite doll is definitely a major decision, as the clothes that you will inevitably choose; will add to, or detract from the natural beauty of your doll. Doll clothes reminiscent of many different eras are easily available online; these outfits are designed in the particular styles or patterns relevant to each time period.

However, even if you have always been a fan of traditional or antique doll clothes; certainly, you can't help but be enthralled by the fabulous modern doll clothing which are now readily available. As any doll connoisseur will readily agree – clothes do make the doll, and these trendy, feminine outfits which are now accessible are ‘to die for’.

If you are interested in having your doll dressed in the latest fashions, you will certainly have no problem doing that, as there is a proliferation of modern doll clothing available which accurately reflects the current trends. Doll clothes now include; capri pants, fur coats, fleece sweaters, jeans, jackets and not to be left out, tank tops and camis. Yellow Doll Dress

There has been a marked increase in the demand for modern doll clothing recently. Persons are now interested in seeing their dolls clothed in a similar garb as they wear themselves. Let us take a quick look at five popular styles.

* Skinny Jeans – this look is extremely popular right now and they are usually complemented with long tunic like tops. These are fabulous tucked into knee length boots or worn simply with ballet flats.

* Flirty Tops – this look is rather feminine and pretty and these tops are usually designed using delicate lightweight fabrics such as silk or chiffon.

* Hoodies with a twist – ensure that your doll is ready for the winter season while still making a fashion statement. Put a short sleeved hoodie over a long sleeved shirt for hip effect. Go fashionista doll!

* Extra long scarves – for maximum appeal and for a fabulous look, incorporate the use of really long scarves into your doll’s ensemble. These are super long and will reach as far as the knees, wear with a matching knitted hat for superstar status.

When selecting items of clothing for your ‘modern’ doll, do not forget the accessories. Accessories do have the subtle power of making or breaking an outfit, and these days lots of bauble and glittery pieces are used to complement various outfits. Accessories are often overlooked by many, as most persons tend just to focus on the clothes. However, the right accessories can really make an outfit pop; so be sure to pick up a few choice pieces as well.

With regards to choosing modern doll clothing, you really will have no problem, as there are numerous stores online which cater specifically to this growing demand.

Happy Shopping!