Are you ready to unleash the chef in you? Or are you ready to train your daughter into the next popular world-class chef? If this is interesting and you love food, then you will agree with me that the Modern Kitchen by Playmobil is a good buy for me and my family. I was never a fan with cook sets for kids or dining toy sets for kids. But when my wife told me about the need for a new gift for our daughters and she said that we will get the Modern Kitchen by Playmobil, and then my views were changed instantly. I love the set, and from time to time, I join my daughters in playing chef-to-be and in role playing. If this set is a real kitchen, then trust me when I say that this will be a terrific addition to any home.

So what is featured on the Modern Kitchen by Playmobil that made my daughters swoon and made me a satisfied buyer? This kitchen set from Playmobil will have a refrigerator with shelves, an oven with baking tray that can be opened and closed with convenience, a dishwasher with removable basket that can be opened and closed as well; stove with hood and this will feature the sink too. To ensure cleanliness which we say is a good thing, the play set also features two garbage containers. And to complete the role-playing, the set will come complete with the table and chairs that can accommodate up to four kids playing.

Playing this set with my daughters allowed us to discover that the Modern Kitchen by Playmobil offered a number of other important features and accessories. Along the way we discovered that we can play using the lidded pot, the pan, gelatin mold, two glasses, four cups and eight plates. We also discovered that the set made our role-playing truly an entertaining experience thanks to the six decorative jars, a coffee pot and yes, a house plant that can complete our homey experience. By the way, my daughters are aged 5 and 6 so there is no problem regarding the small pieces that may compromise their health. And this play set is only recommended for kids aged 5 and above. There are small parts that are included in the set that may be considered as a choking hazard for kids under 3 years old. This is worth my bonus pay last month.