What Makes a Nice Kitchen?

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When we talk about nice kitchens, we talk of an important room in the home where functionality and efficiency reigns over style. But as is common with many of us, aesthetics and style seem paramount. The great thing about modern kitchen is that we can have it all. A beautiful blend of beauty and efficiency can be achieved successfully; the new kitchen trends tend to move in this direction.


Today's kitchen designs should fit comfortably into the entire family's lifestyle. It must meet every family member's need. For example, young children in the household must not only have space to eat light meals or afternoon snacks; they must have room to banter and chatter while moms whip up their meals in their nice kitchens.


Also, if you entertain frequently, you need an easy flow of movement from the kitchen to the dining or living area. And if you are an 'empty nester' approaching retirement, or have been retired, there is a need to opt for kitchen designs that provide efficiency, versatility and easy accessibility.


Modern Kitchen Trends

If you are planning on having kitchen remodelling works, it's good to remember that it is a sizeable investment that needs careful and thoughtful planning. An overall approach should be to choose a kitchen design that'll be aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and one that will serve the family well over a period of seven to ten years.


Having that in mind, there are some new kitchen trends that is worthy of note. Examples include:


1) The kitchen island unit.

It is not only back, but here to stay for a very long time. It is a must-have, because it provides the ultimate in functionality, and easily works well depending on the homeowners needs. A large kitchen island unit may have the sink, the cooker, base cabinets for storage, and hanging racks for spices, pots or pans.


In a modern kitchen, an island unit can also serve as an eating area, double up as a homework hub, be a 'bill-paying station', or serve as a breakfast nook.


2) White and stainless steel kitchen designs.

When it comes to cabinetry, two trends come to mind. There are the popular all-white and stainless steel stylish kitchens, where the white and silver looks contribute to a feeling of pristine airy openness and contemporary chic.


The other latest trend is the re-emergence of wood and engineered wood kitchen cabinets. Popular woods used include the traditional pecan and hickory wood. Adding several or all the hanging cabinets with stained glass doors, sandblast, clear or textured glass doors adds great staying power.


3) Kitchen countertops.

With today's kitchen counter tops, granite is king. But there are other types of trendy surfaces such as quartz, Corian, slate and marble that is re-emerging into kitchen designs. With any of these countertop materials, you will be adding a touch of elegance plus durability, and though they may be pricier kitchen countertop materials compared to wood, laminated or tiled worktops, they will still add beauty to your kitchen without 'damaging' your finances, and they almost last forever.


4) The kitchen sink.

The kitchen sink represents the true essence of novelty in a kitchen's design. For example, a stainless steel kitchen sink's crisp and exact lines can be used effectively to articulate the splendour of the kitchen cabinet units. Today's innovative kitchen sink systems must possess multi-purpose features, which may include accessories such as removable cutting boards, bridges that hold stainless steel bowls, drain bowls, etc.


Kitchen Remodelling Plans

Kitchen counter topCredit: thekitchendesigner

If you've recently taken advantage of the drastic fall in the price of homes and landed a great bargain, or you need to up the value of your home, or have lived in your house for so many years without an upgrade, chances are that your home could use a kitchen makeover.


Having kitchen remodelling plans is an opportunity to look into new modern kitchen ideas to help you plan well; so that you make the best use of the space you have, expand and enhance your existing kitchen design, or simply freshen up the old boring theme. With this, you can add beauty, functionality, and value to the heartbeat of the home.