Most of today's modern-working women are mobile road warriors who lug around a laptop for both work and leisure. If you happen to be among these laptop-carrying femmes with a slim and good-looking or functional notebook PC – sporting a textured lid, about 11 to 15 inches of wide screen and some equally impressive specifications – the next important accessory you'd wan to invest on is a an equally cool gadget bag. Most computer manufacturers offer the traditional nylon carrying case with long shoulder strap, which comes free with a laptop purchase, but this simply won't do for women who want more than just a gadget bag or case. A compact notebook PC these days may fit in just about any envelope bag that can be mistaken for your daughter's property, especially if they're pink and whimsical and with a popular cartoon character emblazoned on the outside cover. Women with spunk and refined tastes want something more than a mini bag for tots.

There's a fashionably sleek line of laptop cases for women that appeal both to their tastes and requirements. Whether it's something that says "I'm in control and I demand attention", "I'm sugary sweet yet sensible" or "I'm classic and elegant", today's laptop cases for go-getting women aren't jus a techno necessity but a reflection of the fashion maven in them.

The really nice and eye-riveting laptop cases for women come at a relatively demanding price, but most consumers still buy it especially given the arresting little quality details and contemporary colors and design that set them apart from traditional laptop bags. Examples of great-looking laptop bags for ladies are those that come close to looking like designer totes and roomy shoulder bags, with quality construction and water-resistant fabric. Multiple storage pockets to store other laptop paraphernalia, pens, CDs, and even cellular phones are also available on most styles.