Living room lighting can be one of the trickiest rooms in your entire home to illuminate. Usually recessed lighting is the way to go. This is just a matter of space planning. However, you may like a very dramatic and bold element in your space. Chandeliers are usually out. Even though they're very popular in design just because people might hit their heads on this if you don't have a lot of furniture underneath this. However, if you have extremely tall ceilings, you may be able to get away with more traditional chandelier styles.

One thing that you're really going to want to consider is just changing out the shades on your existing table lamps. This can be one of the least expensive living room lighting ideas. It's really an opportunity for you to use a lot of the elements that we are seeing on basic fixtures and bring them into your room in a way that actually works. Right now drum shades are very popular. We are seeing this in a lot of modern and contemporary lamps. Usually these have oversized porcelain bases in a true retro design.

This would've had a huge shade. This almost is as tall as the lamp. However, now they are much sleeker.
This takes a basic table lamp and it really gives it enough height so it almost mimics artwork or sculpture in your space. It's also been one of the more expensive options that you can find. This is really worth it especially if you're decorating with a minimalistic kind of design style where everything needs to be functional. In this case your functional items also need to be beautiful.

Another really great option is going to be to go with more of a wicker shade. This can be one of your least expensive options. You might want to read the package because you may need to use a lower watt bulb. This can be very contemporary looking because we are seeing a lot of basket light fixtures in designer magazines. However, it can also be very country. It can coordinate with a lot of your wicker furniture or basket accessories.

Other living room lighting designs really focus on mood lighting. This adds ambience to your room even though it won't be something that you can read by. This can be different than your traditional table lamp. Right now we are seeing a lot of globes and even boxes. This can feature mosaic tile glass or even strands of chandelier crystals. This adds a very nice glow to the room but it's also a very unexpected element.

You also want to consider flush mount fixtures that are closer to the ceiling for living room lighting design. In this case it's going to need to have a very ornate shade. Even though this will initially cost you a little bit more money. It can be the focal point of your entire room even though it is quite understated as compared to a traditional chandelier. This could just be a mission style of stained-glass. It will use a lot of different amber and gold colors. Another option would be to go with more of a mosaic tile version. Mosaic glass tile has become very popular but usually you'll see it in kitchens and baths. Bringing it into this application really makes it pop.