Let’s face it, taking a test drive of Dodge’s newest (and arguably best) muscle car, the Challenger SRT-8, is without a doubt the best way to strike back against all of the uppity Prius-driving  tree-huggers in your community.  The Challenger has over 470 horsepower coming from that beautiful big block HEMI engine under the hood, so be forewarned that this new car will make Interstate speed limits seem a lot more like polite requests!   A recent review in Car and Driver reports that their testing showed the Dodge Challenger as going from Zero to Sixty in 4.5 seconds.  Those numbers in a stock vehicle are pretty impressive in their own right, but my jaw hit the floor when I surfed on over to Dodge’s website and read that this modern muscle car can maintain a fuel efficiency of about 25 miles per gallon!  I’m assuming that Dodge must have achieved this benchmark under ideal test track conditions, but this is a pretty high figure even when you factor in the “fuzzy math.”

This car has power to spare, but what would performance be without a little bit of class?  The Dodge Challenger SRT-8 is arguably of the best looking sports cars on the market today.  The SRT-8 includes beautiful leather seats that come hand-stitched with the signature 392 design, slick dual full body stripes to throw off that whole retro vibe, and a gorgeous dual exhaust system that’s pretty much guaranteed to shake windows.  It’s pretty apparent that Dodge left no detail overlooked when it cam to the appearance of this modern muscle car, even in spaces that won’t be seen by envious bystanders.  Under the hood you should take note of the newly redesigned rocker covers, which come in plastic to cut down on both costs and curb weight.  The most apparent detail, the HEMI engine in its traditional orange color, makes the picture so appealing that you’ll find yourself looking for reasons to pop the hood.

395 cubic inches under the hood?  An appearance package that won’t just turn heads, but will break necks?  Fuel efficiency so impressive that you might actually have a shot at picking up grainy hippie chicks in Birkenstocks?  As if all that wasn’t enough, Dodge was even kind enough to set the sticker price at around $46,000 so that even us mere mortals could afford it.  Sure, you could take my word on how great this car is, but check out what Car and Driver magazine had to say about the Challenger.  Or even better, why not just cruise on down to your local Dodge dealer to see for yourself?