Tips For Caring For Your Patio Furniture Cushions

Choosing patio furniture cushions is one of the many decisions you will make when purchasing new outdoor furniture or replacement cushions for outdoor furniture. With a little research you will soon discover that there are many choices available. Shape, color and fabrics are most likely the most important decisions.

Shape and style will not be a problem if you are purchasing a chair, settee or bench that includes cushions. The manufacturer normally offers different styles and colors that are made to fit the furniture. This is a little more complicated when ordering replacement cushions. You will have to carefully measure your furniture and then take care to purchase the correct replacements.

You should find modern fabrics available that will last for many years in an outdoor environment with a little care. Old style cotton fabrics with foam inserts that were the norm for many years have been replaced with materials that will hold their shape and resist the elements while providing style and comfort. Mold and mildew will have a hard time trying to  attack these modern materials.

While you will find many styles manufactured of 100-percent polyester which is fade resistant, resists mildew and is water resistant, and offers a very soft comfortable cushion the material of choice for many manufacturers  who produce patio furniture cushions  is Sunbrella.

Sunbrella is a material made from the same polyester and acrylic fabric that is used for the tops of convertible automobiles. The durability of this material has been proven over the years on automobiles that remain out-of-doors year round. This solution-dyed material resists fadingPillow Perfect Outdoor Wicker Seat CushionsCredit: Amazon, staining and mildew and is easily cleaned.

The finest cushions are stitched with polyester thread and filled with mildew-resistant poly/foam to endure countless storms and hold their shape offering comfortable seating for many seasons. Some have attached ties to keep the cushions in place.

Tips For Caring For Your New Patio Furniture Cushions

A light wiping periodically with a damp cloth will keep them soil free. When necessary a good cleaning with mild detergent and a good rinsing from a garden hose should keep them cleanand brilliant. Make sure you read any manufacturers instructions if you are unsure of  the proper cleaning process.

If the furniture is not going to be used for long periods especially in hot tropical sunlight it would be good practice to move the cushions indoors or at least protect the furniture with umbrellas, awnings or form fitting furniture covers.  Of course you should never leave your furniture unprotected out side during the winter months.

If the cushions have been in the rain set them on their ends to drain which will help them quickly dry. Be especially careful to remind anyone using suntan lotion to sit on a towel or other fabric and not Pillow Perfect Decorative PillowsCredit: Amazondirectly on the cushions. Some lotions can leave stubborn stains.

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