Staying connected in a relationship is hard in today's fast pace life.  With work, friends, and all the available entertainment, it is sometimes hard to find time for our partner.  Even when a couple finds a chance to spend time together, it seems like one or the other of them is always checking their phone or email.  How about if we use these distractions to our advantage? Let's run through a few modern romance tips or ways we can get the sparkle back in our relationships.


Texting is here to stay, at least until the next great thing comes along.   Let’s use it.  You can get in the habit of texting your partner now and then with a special thought.  Android and iPhone both have romance quote apps that you can download.  Add one of these to your phone.  Then when the mood strikes you, select one of the quotes and send it.  Even the most romantically challenged person can handle that.  Make sure the quote is right, though.  Not all romantic quotes will be proper for every stage of your relationship.  In the app I am using, there are quotes that talk about never finding happiness because you are not longer together.  You don’t want to send a quote that ends your relationship!!


Let’s look at email.  Search the internet for some romantic poems.  You can find sites for these and bookmark them.  Then, just work your way through them, selecting what is right for you.  You can find some that will help you to get certain points across.  Maybe you haven’t spent much time together lately.  Find a poem that says how lonely you are, being separated from your love. 


This may sound like an old-fashioned idea and not worthy of being listed in an article of modern romance tips after texting and email, but lets look at the mail system.  Does it seems like you or your partner is always on the road.  Mail them a note or card so it will show up on the day they are at a hotel.  That shows the planning you put into the action, as well as any sentiment in the card when they get it.  If you are the one traveling, you can do the same planning so they get it while you are gone.  Together with this idea, there is always the old idea of packing the card into their suitcase, or leaving it at the house for them to find.


If you or your partner will be on the road, you can take care of all these ideas at once.   The texts and email has the advantage that you can schedule items for the entire away time, to go out when you want.  There are apps for your phone that will schedule texts and email.  If you will be out of phone range, try, or a similar service to set things up ahead of time.  Won’t your partner be surprised to get love notes from you while you are on the company retreat!  

Romance might be harder these busy days, in some ways, to keep alive in a relationship.  But take the same tools that make life busier, and use them to make things easier.  We just have to use our imagination to come up with some modern romance tips .