I vividly recall the times when I was a small preschooler…I was very active, I seldom lingered in one place for more than a few minutes, save the times when I slept or ate. I was often running around the hall or in the garden. When I decided to go anywhere, I never walked, I always ran. And if I had friends with me, we were always racing each other to the finishI was even more energetic. I had blond hair (which later turned brown, and I hated it when I noticed I wasn't blond anymore), I was little in height and my friends said that I was like David Lee Roth from Van Halen.

My family loved me, and I loved everybody, but what I liked to the maximum were my toys. And I was used to own a great number of toys, for Dad was going out of the country very often because he had important business meetings to attend to, and he always gave me something when he returned. I had a cool collection of plastic action figures which I was playing with in my super cool tree house. Not to forget the fact that I owned many kinds of sports balls, from handball balls to kids' baseball and basketball balls. My chums regularly came to my tree house for this reason and played with my toys all day long. I had all types of games, toy phones, toy cars, toy television sets. Evidently, they were all fake, and you could only play pretend with the TVs, cars and phones. But we had tons of fun with those things, for back then the toys were only supposed to copy the aspect of real things, they were not made to actually function.

After 30 years, I am a fully grown 40 year-old man now, and I have a 7 year-old kid that has got his dad's good looks and curly hair. Yet, things are not the same as they were when I was little. The toys these days are incredible. I am amazed about the fact that a successful toy must be intelligent in present day. Many of the toys I purchased for my child have complex circuits inside, or even microchips that make the simple activity of playing with a toy really different from what I was used to in my childhood.

For example, the Fisher Price kid tough digital camera is a thing that I would never have imagined would exist when I was young. Kids can make real photos that you are able to store on a computer's hard disk. And itis a genuine toy! It's designed especially for kids less than 10 years of age, and it is unbreakable. You can drop it down the stairs at will and it won't break. Oh, how would I have liked to have access to that sort of toy 30 years ago…

My offspring loves this thing. He even uses it in the pool, making pictures of his feet under the water. Who knows what they will invent next? Probably, when my child will have children of his own, he'll get them toy space shuttles that will actually bring you into Earth's orbit and back again, just for fun!