Modern wall art is really an opportunity for you to make a statement in your room. This is especially true if you are going for a monochromatic look. This is very popular in contemporary modern designs because it does help small spaces to feel larger and gives you a very clean look in the space. However, you can still make this quite interesting. Usually a lot of the furniture is simple and uneventful. This makes modern wall art decor even that more important.

One thing that you're really going to see is the use of woven materials. This can include baskets that you find inexpensively to hang on the wall. In fact depending on the weight requirements you may even be able to use these as shelves for decorative objects. This can also help out with your office organization. It's a staple that probably everyone has in their room but you might not be using it as artwork. In this case it is a cost-effective way you can really go with oversized pieces. You can mix in traditional paintings and frames or you can just use the same basic one several times.

Almost any theme can be turned into modern wall art as long as you pay attention to scale. It's really important to go for larger pieces even though this means spending more money. However, there are smaller less expensive canvases but you want to buy several of them. In fact you might even be able to find these at the dollar store. Alone they can feel very cheap and ineffective but together it really makes a big statement.

Another common motif in modern wall art décor it is going to be 3D elements. This is going to be one of the more expensive wall stickers that you can buy. You can just mimic a series of circles with a lot of dimension to it. It's perfect for a kids room. However, when you do them en masse it can also be sophisticated enough to use in a living room.

We are also seeing a resurgence in vintage art. This is really modern wall art because of the materials that are being used. For instance, you can find a lot of modern wall art in a metal design. This is really going to focus on more of a feminine silhouette. It can look like dress forms for a fun sewing room. Really the focus of prints, posters, and photographs is gone from this design style. Instead it focuses on a lot of unique found objects that can still be bold and striking enough to fit within this design style.

If you want a modern wall art canvas then really create it yourself to save a lot of money. This can just cost you a few dollars at a craft store depending on the size that you want to go with. Then it's important to make sure that you still get a designer kind of look. You could even be inspired by your dinnerware or some of your favorite kitchen materials. Really the look of tile has become very popular but it's being used in unusual ways. You can probably trace a few simple handpainted tile designs that mimic more of a Spanish motif. This can use a lot of oranges, turquoise, and avocados which are also very important in this more contemporary kind of design style.