Modern Warfare 2 is Infinity Wards latest entry into the Call of Duty franchise. If you do not know of Infinity Wards work, then you should simply get to know them as the one who have created the best games in the Call of Duty franchise. Their games are the ones that are most recognized out of the bunch, and they are possibly one of the best war game creators.

Modern Warfare 2 is looking to take a step in new directions. To bring the Call of Duty name to new heights, by creating the bench mark for the rest of the first person shooting war games to come. From what I have seen in the videos released, they are really trying hard on creating an engaging and worthwhile story line for the gamers to enjoy. Instead of just sticking you into a battle field and leaving you to fend for yourself, they build an emotional connection between you and the mission of the game, in order to leave you that much more interest and to leave a bigger impact on you. Just take a look at some Modern Warfare 2 Infamy Impressions , you will see how interesting the story has gotten.

Not only that, but pretty much everything else has seen an upgrade. They have made the game incredibly balanced. When you get a kill streak, you are able to get a large crate dropped from a helicopter above now, so for those of you who struggle to get past a 5 kill streak may have a chance to get a helicopter summon without having to do all the work. Not only that, but there are death streaks, so that if you get a certain amount of deaths, you are able to use a copycat perk with which you copy the last person who killed you's stats.

The amount of perks has been vastly upgraded it seems. That has also been balanced out. If an enemy has a UAV, I believe you have the ability to jam it now. I have not heard word about prestiges and golden weapons yet, though I am sure that they are still included. This game has really made some strives for the series. It is the first game I have seen to allow you to literally throw your knife at a person. Now the knife fights you have will include dodging the ones thrown at you, and the ones used to cut you with. Unless they make it so that you only have a set number of knives, which would make sense I guess. What ever it is, just be prepared to see Modern Warfare 2 appearing as one of the game of the year nominees.