Afghan Map

This is a large map and you will need to have some strategies in place in order maximize your contact with players to get more kills. Three basic strategies will help you accomplish this task.

Camping an area is a solid strategy for this map, but you will need a good location in order to be effective. The best locations are the ones where people will come at you from at least 2 different directions in higher traffic areas.

Best Location 1. The curved ramp running from the humvees to the backside entrace of the cave. This is a perfect location as you can run a minimal distance to check both the backside of the cave and the areas around the humvee. Both are spawn locations and should have a good amount of traffic there. Just be careful of someone looking out the bunker window when you look into this area.

Best Location 2.

The rock to the right of the downed aircraft. Grab your silencer and kneel behind this rock. You will be able to see 4 pathways of traffic that people run through from this area and no on expects you to be sitting there.  Use a silencer on an AR like the TAR-21 to mow the competition down; the silencer will help you remain hidden on the map.

Useful tip: Using a loadout with Marathon Pro and Lightweight Pro is useful due to the size of the map. Use an UMP for this strategy as is still has enough power to kill quickly without using Stopping Power Pro.

Estate Map

Another large map; again camping certain spots can help you get a lot of kills.

Best Location 1. The house is a very popular place to defend because there are only a couple of entry points. I suggest getting on the top floor with Scavenger Pro, set a claymore at the top of the stairs. Run back and forth between the two windows as much a possible to get kills, and check the stairs occasionally; someone might be sneaking in the door and you can get a quick kill without using your claymore up.

Best Location 2.

The building in the middle works pretty good as well. I actually don't like getting inside the building up the stairs like most people do. I prefer to go out the back side when the hill is running down to the large building at the lowest spot of the map. There is a small wooden fence about 3 feet long to hide behind. You can pick off people spawning down the hill, see up to the front of the main house and check that nobody is sneaking into the building you are hiding outside of as well. Good spot to camp.

Useful tip: Slow-playing in an area is useful for this map as most people are running like crazy, not paying attention, just to try getting to the action. Mow them down.

Quarry Map

Another large map with several spots people like to camp. Probably my favorite area to hang out is the area with the fence enclosing it. There is a long ramp on the side of the map that people like to come up, you can hear them moving up with good headphones. There is a window to peek through in the area below (not as much traffic heres usually). Best part of this is there is defensibile access to view the area where most of the action takes place on the map, which is right in front of the building on the highest elevation on the map. A lot of action happens here so check frequently for people running through.

Terminal Map

My favorite strategy here is to camp the area outside the building with the very large, breakable window. From here you can see into the building with the stairs, the airplane and the highest area with the propane tank. Set a claymore on the side with the airplane to catch people sneaking up on you. My strategy is to run back and forth between the window and airplane views. When you run to the airplane side this seems to reset the two spawn locations back in the building. When you take a peak back inside usually someone with have just spawned and you can get a quick kill. Some people refer to this as spawn camping and will gripe about it, but it really lets you rack up some quick kills.

Karachi Map

This is the campers dream map. There are some great places to defend on this map and it is one of my favorites. There are several spots, but I will discuss two of the best camping spots.

1) The elevated area next to the highest pinnacle on the map. This area has two access points, the stair case and the area on the other side of the tallest roof with the airconditioner units. Set a claymore to the left of the door to get people coming up the stairs. You can then see about 4 different lanes on the maps that are either high traffic areas, or spawn points. Good spot to defend, just realize that people may be sneaking up on you.

2) The second area is another elevated area, but not as tall. You have to either climb one of two ladders to get to it or run through the building in the middle and along the catwalk - a well timed jump will get you to the ledge (this is a good way to sneak up on someone else camping this spot). Again, this is a great location to defend. Just set a claymore at the top of the stairs to prevent anyone getting up this way.

Wasteland Map

This map is HUGE, and honestly the spawn are terrible too. You will spend 30 seconds running towards the action only to get killed by someone spawning behind you. Try to stay near the edges and work you way towards the middle; this will keep from getting spawn killed. Everyone loves making for the bunker on this map, so there are two spots I love to camp.

1) By the area with several mine cart and the mounted machine gun. People will come at you mainly from two directions: the bunker and the area with the helicopter (landed). Just look back and forth and pick them off as they spawn and run towards you.

2) The best area is the open bunker with the 2 mounted machine guns. If you are looking at the middle bunker, the area to your left is a spawn point. People will spawn there about every 5-7 seconds in Free For All (FFA), so pick them off. You will also have people come from the other direction at a slower rate. Just watch out for the occasional person coming from the bunker trying to get in on the action.

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