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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is probably the pinnacle is the famed series at this point. As of this writing, MW3, Black Ops and Black Ops 2 are all out. I still claim that MW2 is the best so far, and I still play on a fairly regular basis. My screen name is Fallout, and I particularly enjoy Team Deathmatch and Free For All. I do not claim to be the best player, but I do believe I am one of the best still playing this game. I am regularly accused of "hacking" (read cheating) as I tend to out play many people. I don't... Here are some of the strategies I use to increase my performance in game. I hope you can use them as well. Whether you are a new player or a veteran looking for an extra edge. Enjoy.

Fallout Wins MW2

Ten Tips to Improve Your Game

1. Get good headphones - I cannot stress this enough. With a good pair of headphones, you will be able to hear the enemies footsteps and even them moving through grass! This is probably the most common reason I am accused of hacking. People watching your kill cams will see you following them through the walls. But you cannot SEE them, you hear them! The directional capabilities of good headphones can actually pinpoint a targets location through sound.

2. Turn off the music - There is no setting to do this. But, on the PC MW2 version you can rename the "miles" folder to "dismiles" and no more music will play. This will give you a HUGE advantage in conjunction with your headphones.

3. Use the right setup - Especially for the right situation. If you are new, a good general setup to use is Sleight of Hand and Stopping Power. This will give you faster reloading/aiming and increased fire power to help you get started.

4. Stun vs. Flash Grenade - I suggest using the Stun Grenade, because you are able to throw it much faster. The person can still see but moves too slow to hit you most times. That split second difference between the grenades can give you an edge often times.

5. Prefire before you aim - When using an automatic weapon, fire from the hip at close range opponents. Immediately bring your sights up as you continue to fire. The quick hip fire will often times thrown their aim off just enough for you to line your shot up.



A Free-for-all win with a 30:1 ratio. Pretty good if you ask me.

6. Ninja Pro - No matter what setup I am using, Ninja Pro is always included for two reasons. I honestly do not care about the primary attribute which hides you from Heartbeat sensors etc. The main benefit is the Pro part, which eliminates you footsteps. First, other players with GOOD headphones cannot hear you. Second, with a good pair of headphones, your own footsteps are so loud its hard to hear anything. Ninja Pro eliminates both these problems.

7. Silencer - While I don't find this useful for every gun, using a silencer can increase your ability to stay on target with sustained fire. I find this useful for using the UMP45, ACR, M4A1, and the p90. Limiting the muzzle flare will help you fire longer and hit more often.

8. Best Killstreak Combo - I realize this is insanely subjective. However, in MOST situations I find the Predator Missile, Harrier Strike and Pavelow to be crazy effective. I hold on to Predators to take down enemy air support or to kill a pesky camper. If you can get the Harrier, launch it and the strike might be enough to get the Pavelow up too! If not, the Harrier will usually find someone pretty quickly. Get your Pavelow going too, and now run around to get everyone distracted from the air support! This is a great combination, and I often find myself calling in two rounds of killstreaks in a game.

9. Camp Without a Silencer - Don't use the silencer when camping. Remember, you want people to run towards you when camping. Especially true on certain maps. A silencer would keep you from showing up on the map when you shoot! No one coming to play at your campground? Try squeezing off a few rounds like you are shooting at someone, and a player is bound to come running.

10. Camp and Move Tactic - This is my favorite trick in MW2, especially for Free For All. Just camp a spot until you make a kill or two, and then run to an area nearby. Make sure you can see where you just camped though. Pretty quick, a player (probably the ones you just killed) will come running to where you were. Dispose of them with prejudice. Move, rinse and repeat. This really plays on the fact that most players are somewhat mentally challenged, and cannot fathom that you would have moved from the spot you just shot them!

Game Winning Killshot

Use these MW2 tactics to improve your gameplay. If you are new to the game, I welcome you and look forward to playing you sometime. Even if you are a veteran, feel free to try these tips to improve your MW2 multiplayer prowess! Good luck!

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