Basic Info- There are three different sets of perks you can have on any call of duty game. There is slot one, usually contains the 2nd best perks. Then there is the slot two, which usually has the best perks. Then obviously there is slot three, which includes the worst perks in the game. A perk is a thing that will help you throughout the game, such as make you reload faster, run faster,  or make your ownfootsteps silent.

Slot 1- As said before this slot contains the second best perks in the games. Here is a list of them, Description, and a rating.

Recon- This perk is for when you hit an enemy with an explosive you can see them on your radar, and what way they are looking. Recon Pro includes the above information. Also it has when you hit someone with a gun bullet you will also see them on your radar. Rating= 1/5

Sleight of Hand- This perk makes you reload two times faster than you would normally. This becomes handy when you see many guys, and you need to make a quick swap to your other clip. Sleight of Hand Pro makes you swap your guns two times faster than normal. This will help you with swaping your guns when you run out of ammo in your primary weapon. Rating=5/5

Blind Eye- This perk makes you invisible to support that the other team gets from killstreaks which include attack helicopters, pavelows, ac-130, scentry guns, etc. If you keep dieing from the enemies killstreaks you might want to put this perk on it helps alot. Blind Eye pro makes your launcher lock on to enemy air support faster, also makes your bullets do more damage to enemy air support. Rating=3/5

Extreme Conditioning- This perk allows you to run for two times longer than you normally would be allowed to. Most people who like to rush tend to use this perk so they can get in the enemies spawn faster than usual. Extreme Conditioning pro allows you to climb over objects faster than normal. This would come in handy when you were running away from someone and you had to jump out a window. Rating= 2/5

Scavenger- When someone dies you are aloud to go to there dead body and pick up a blue backpack type thing. This backpack includes one clip of ammo for your gun. This could come in handy for people who often run out of bullets and need more ammo to achieve higher killstreaks. Scavenger pro allows players to start with extra clips for there primary and secondary weapons. This is an ideal perk to get pro for someone such as a camper. Rating=3/5

Total Rating= 14/25

Slot 2- As said before Slot 2 conains the best perks.

Quickdraw- This perk allows you to aim down your sites two times faster than you normally would. Quickdraw was introduced in Modern Warfare 3 it has been a fan favorite by many. This perk is ideal for quickscopers or just people who like to rush. Quickdraw pro enables you to throw your lethal and tactical grenades very fast. The pro perk would help you when you need to get a stun around a corner very fast. Rating=5/5

Blast Shield- Allows you to reduce the damage you recieve by any explosive in the game. This is useful when the other team is using claymores and grenade launchers. Blast Shield pro makes it so you cannot be flashed or stunned. The normal perk is quite lame but the pro perk is fantastic.Rating= 3/5

Hardline- When you need to get three kills to get a UAV and you have hardline on it reduces it to only two kills! This perk is for people who are going for killstreaks fast. Hardline pro unlike most perks the pro edition gives you two new abilities. When you get two assists it counts towards your killstreak, and makes your death streak require one less death. This could be used by people who get a bunch of assists every game. Rating=2/5

Assassin- You are not visible on enemy UAVs, heartbeat sensors, thermal scopes, or portable radars. This perk is helpful for people who want to run around the map undetectable. Assassin Pro has allows you to not be effected by Counter UAVs or EMPs. Assassin Pro also has another effect that makes you not have red cross hairs or your name showing above your head when enemies are aiming at you. You can play dead very well with this pro perk. Rating=5/5

Overkill- You may have two primary weapons, although your second primary weapon cannot have attatchments. Nice if you are using a sniper and need a smg or assault rifle to swap out to. Overkill Pro allows you to put attatchments on your secondary. This pro is not really a huge difference. Rating=2/5

Total Rating= 17/25

Slot 3- This includes the worst perks in the game. As you will see by the worst ratings.

Marksman- This allows you to see your enemies name above there head from farther distances. This perk does not really help you with anything. Marksman Pro allows you to hold your breath two times longer when you are using your sniper. This becomes useful for snipers. Rating= 1/5

Stalker- Allows you to move faster while your aiming down your sights and hunt down your enemy. There really is no use for this in the game also. Stalker Pro makes enemy explosive have a delay before they explode. This is useful for people trying to kill campers. Rating= 1/5

Sitrep- You will see the enemy explosives highlighted in red around corners. This is useful for people who get upset at people camping behind claymores or bouncing betties. Makes enemy footsteps louder and cancles there dead silence if they are using it. This helps people with good headsets be able to hear people walking around. Rating= 2/5

Steady Aim- You have increased hip fire accuracy. This is useful for people spraying around corners or no scoping snipers. Steady Aim Pro allows you to aim down your sight faster after running. This will allow you to kill the people that surprise you while you are sprinting around the map. Rating= 3/5

Dead Silence- Makes your footsteps silent and makes people using the recon perk have less effect on you. This allows people not to hear you when you sneak up behind them. Dead Silence Pro makes it so you can jump from any building in the game and not even get damaged. This is very convienent. Rating= 5/5.

Total Rating= 12/25

Review- Tell me what you think about these perks and what you think of my ratings in the comments! Thank you for viewing.