Your current space may be out-of-date or just a plain bore. Not everyone can afford to professionaly remodel a room and it can be inconvient, time consuming, and costly. Learning these few tricks can help you to modernize your favorite space with very little money.

Things You Will Need

Room paint

Furniture paint

New hardware

Spray can of polyurethane (optional)

Organize bins

Step 1

Paint the room. A fresh coat of paint can give the room a fresh, new feel. Try to pick a paint color that can be combined with several different accent colors. A neutral color usually works best for this. In the future, you can change the accent colors in the room using throw pillows, pictures, vases to give the room a new feel. Also, paint the room's trim. Many modern homes are using colored trim instead of white. A chocolate brown trim looks great when paired with a neutral colored wall.

Step 2

Update your current furniture with a coat of paint and new hardware. A coat of black or dark brown furniture paint can create a brand new look. Use a primer before aplpying the paint to help the paint adhere and prevent chipping. A coat of polyurethane will create a durable surface as well. Many types of polyurethane can be found in spray cans and applied in minutes. Choose a brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze hardware. Brushed nickel looks best with black furniture, while oil-rubbed bronze works well with brown furniture.

Step 3

Organize all drawers and closet spaces. Remove any clutter and get rid of anything you have not used in 6 months or more and items you know you will not use in the future. Items that are left in eye's view need to be organized and free from clutter. This will create an open look to the room and make the room appear much larger. Do not buy expensive organization systems, but buy baskets and bins in assorted colors and sizes from a local dollar store. Also, shelfs can be made cheap and easily from plywood (don't forget to add a coat of paint).
Once your room is freshly painted, decortaed, and organized, it will become your new favorite place to spend your free time. Tons of money isn't need to create a place that feels warm and welcome to you and your family. So I guess the saying is true, Less IS More.

Tips & Warnings

If you decide to use painted plywood in your room, be sure to properly handle the tools with care and always wear safety goggles.