As someone who only buys modest swimming suits for women I usually only get a new one every ten years. Granted, I don't use it very often because I live in the desert but it just isn't easy to find. My biggest problem is that I am younger and I feel like most styles are geared towards women twice my age. Even when I was in a junior’s size (and group) I really couldn't shop in the section that was intended for me. In 2013 there are a lot of more youthful and fun styles that still are body conscious.

Boyleg Styles Provide More Coverage

Seafolly Women's Goddess Boyleg Maillot, Black, 10 US/14 AU
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(price as of Apr 10, 2013)

Stunning One Shoulder Animal Print

Melissa Odabash Women's Arizona One Shoulder Maillot Swimsuit, Crocodile, 6
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Animal Prints

I love animal prints on swimwear even though I rarely use them in everyday clothing. There are also more luxurious details like gold hardware to make this feel more sophisticated.

I like these prints because to me they can be very youthful. I also like the color palette because it's in neutral colors. So if I wear the same suit for the next few years it will still be stylish and it helps me to justify the pricetag that these so often demand.

Almost every kind of animal print is popular in 2013. You’ll find them in one piece designs and strapless looks. The Maillot style is the basic high cut that we're all used to but this print changes it up. Leopard, snakeskin, and crocodile seem to be the most popular prints and I think they are the easiest to wear. It's just a much smaller scale than tiger or zebra so it's more figure flattering and subtle. These also come in lots of colors that you wouldn't typically find in nature such as gray, turquoise, and even pink!

Feminine Floral Prints

Zimmermann Women's Elixir Frill Tankini, Floral, 2/Medium
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Structured Tankini Designs

One way to stay modest is to go with a tankini style. There are more peplum style tops than there have been in recent years. These fit tighter through the top and flair out through the waist. Look for a swimsuit that has straps, or ones that you can remove. When you buy pieces like these you typically pay a lot more than you would when buying a string bikini.

This means that you may only get one suit for what you may have spent on two or three in a less modest style. Having multiple ways to wear it still gives you variety.

Striking Stripes in Classic Colors

Get a Piece That Fits Well

This is the biggest thing I've found that helps to keep from feeling frumpy on the beach. It’s all about fit. Pinup girls often wore swimsuits that were much more modest than what you would see today, but they looked more confident. Why? These suits fit them. Find a molded style.

It used to be that you weren't supposed to wear horizontal stripes unless you were teeny tiny but 2013 has changed all that. It’s one of the seasons “must haves” and it can flatter most body types. Look for more of an irregular stripe and go for a smaller stripe. Also stick within classic colors like black and white. Modest doesn't have to mean that it's boring or just a plain solid color!

Betsey Johnson's Beauty Mark

Betsey Johnson Beauty Mark One Piece Bandeau Swimdress - Ivory - S
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Get Your Favorite Designer

I was surprised how many top designers have been making suits that offer more coverage. I think it's because most women just don't want to show a ton of skin. These designers use a lot of trends that you would find on a one piece. You aren't stuck with the same boring black swimdress anymore.

Betsey Johnson to me seems to design to a more youthful market. I think that either juniors or women could wear a lot of her stuff so I was shocked when there were so many swimdresses available. The floral prints and bold colors she uses are also so fun. Black trim and even pocket flaps bring in that quirky sensibility that Betsey is known for. Getting a designer piece makes it special instead of just feeling like you are compromising.

I think that tankinis can cover just as much as a one piece and often the fit is better and the price is lower. Just make sure it doesn’t ride up when you are actually in the water. You can also get more of a boyleg short this way and really customize it more to your body type.

Calvin Klein has even been doing a lot of body conscious swimsuits. I'm glad that most designers have at least one in each collection which used to be how it was when I would go shopping. However, now most designers have several, or even an entire selection of swimdresses. I can't remember when it's ever been this easy or fun to get one.

These details can also be applied to juniors clothing where it can be even more difficult to find a suit with a lot of coverage. I usually shop for these pieces online just because most of the stores where I live carry bikinis almost exclusively with a few tankinis thrown in. Then I have to sacrifice a little bit about how it will fit. So I always look for a trusted site with as many reviews as possible to shop from such as The trend in swimwear for 2013 is more modest swimming suits for women and I'm so glad. It means I can finally go shopping again and hopefully you'll be able to use some of these tips to be confident enough to get back to the beach!