There's something so satisfying about building a car that is unique and I guess that's why so many people these days customise their own vehicles despite the expense of modified car insurance. For those of us who love to drive and to show off our work to our friends creating a custom car is an obvious way to spend our spare time and money.

Its unfortunate that the insurers place such a financial drain on our pastime when we already manage to spend half our wage buying the car parts. Whether you've just added a set of alloy wheels to your vehicle or bored out the engine and added nitrous oxide injection, you insurance company will have a fit an d charge you accordingly. Its for this reason that many people fail to tell their insurer about certain modifications but his is a mistake that will come back to haunt you if you need to make a claim.

The thing is we really want to insure our cars. We put so much care, attention and money into our projects that we need the insurance to ensure we don't lose the time and money we have invested in our machine. We don't get any pleasure from insuring our car but we do it out of necessity. The thing that really bugs us is that the companies seem to stick two fingers up at us as they charge what appears to us to be far to much for the service they provide.

What we really need to do is find a modified car insurance company that understands the amount of effort we have put into our project and knows that we will do everything in our power to make sure that we don't have to make a claim because we look after our cars so well.

Can We Find Cheap Modified Car Insurance?

Modified cars and expensive insurance are always going to go together no matter who covers your vehicle but it is possible to find prices that are cheaper than you will get from your family car insurer. We can also do some things on our own to ensure that we get the best price possible from the specialist modified car insurer. The most important thing to do is to do plenty of research and get quotes from as many companies as possible to find the best possible price, never settle for the first price you get.

Of course its easier than ever to find the cheapest prices thanks to the fact that we can now do our research entirely on the Internet without having to phone round every broker in the country. Use the price comparison websites to your full advantage and get quotes from numerous companies all in a matter of minutes. A job that used to take all day can now be done in an hour.

Why Use A Specialist Insurer?

Specialist modified car insurers are more likely to understand how much our car means to you and will treat you are a driver rather than a number like the larger companies. They know that just because you built a car that goes faster than standard doesn't mean you are going to drive flat out at every opportunity. When I spend so much time and energy building the perfect engine I will treat it with the respect it deserves to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

One last thing to remember is that its very important that you get a quote for insuring any modifications before they start building your car to prevent you from getting any nasty shocks once the work has been completed. Don't let paying high custom car insurance premiums put you off customising your vehicle, just take care to find a quality insurer and drive carefully to ensure you don't have to make any claims and can enjoy cheaper premiums in the years to come.