Moissanite Background

More and more people are falling in love with the sparkling gem called Moissanite.  Although it has gained popularity in recent years, moissanite was discovered in the 1800s.  A scientist named Henri Moissan was studying samples from an Arizona meteorite and came across pretty crystals of silicon carbide, which were named for him.  Although the moissanite crystals pleased the eye, it was rare to encounter this substance in nature.  If one did luck out and find some, it was in small amounts.  This made it impractical for use in jewelry, and it remained relatively unknown.

Moissanite in Jewelry

It wasn’t until 1998 that the company Charles and Colvard developed technology to create a synthetic version of moissanite of sufficient quality for use in jewelry. The resulting gem looks so much like a diamond, that even some jewelry experts have mistaken it for a true diamond. Charles and Colvard patented the process, and thus is currently the only firm making moissanite today.

Moissanite Hardness

Moissanite measures a 9.25 on the Mohs hardness scale, a tool used to rate gemstone hardness. In comparison, diamond, the hardest known natural substance is a 10.  A sapphire is a 9, aquamarine is an 8, amethyst a 7 and amber comes in at around a 2. This means that moissanite is one of the harder gems and is less likely to scratch or chip than softer stones, making it ideal for use in moissanite rings and jewelry that might be knocked around a bit.

Diamond Simulant

Moissanite’s appearance, brilliance and color so closely resembles diamond that it is frequently used to achieve the look of diamond necklaces, bracelets, pins and rings, without the high price tag that often accompanies genuine diamonds.  Many prefer it to cubic zirconia and other diamond look alikes.

Buy Moissanite Online

Moissanite jewelry can be purchased at jewelry websites online. This is the way to go for the best selection and variety of designs and styles.  A quick online search for moissanite jewelry will yield several websites carrying this gem. As always, it is best to deal only with reputable websites when purchasing items through the internet.

Buy Moissanite at Stores

Those who have never seen moissanite jewelry before might want to take a look at a few pieces before purchasing.  Many department stores and other shops sell moissanite.  To find one near you, head to the Charles & Colvard website and click on “Where to buy” in the menu.  It will take you to a map of your area and list the local stores that have moissanite. You can either buy there, or head online, as mentioned above.