Meet One of My Granddogs

He was the only granddog who would stop wiggling and let me take a picture with my easy to use digital camera!

My granddogs love me - but they LOVE they peanut butter dog treats I give them!Credit: Kaye Swain - SandwichINKCredit: Kaye Swain - SandwichINK

Blue Dog All Natural Molasses and Peanut Butter Dog Treats Are My Favorites!

My Granddogs Love Those Yummy Dog Treats Best Too

Do you have a dog or granddog who tends to run away if you open the door? I know the feeling well! It can be so frustrating, can't it? You open the door with an armful of supplies for babysitting, the dog recognizes a weak moment, and before you know it, he's out between your legs and off down the street - reveling in his freedom. 

Then you have to choose between dropping everything to chase after him or stay with the grandkids and maybe have the poor little thing get hurt! NOT a happy choice! And even when someone is there to stay with the grandkids, it can take 30-60 minutes to catch a young and untrained pup. There is a positive option, though, and you don't even have to be an expert in how to train a puppy  to succeed - though if you don't mind spending a little extra time, you could probably do that as well.

First, check with the dog's owners. If they are amenable, do some experimenting with various doggie treats to see which the dog likes best AND which agrees with him "internally." (I've tried some dog treats that gave a poor puppy diarrhea. That's never a good thing.). Once you have a doggie treat they like, stock up on a few boxes. I highly recommend Blue Dog Bakery molasses and peanut butter dog treats. My granddogs love them, they're easy to buy online at Amazon if your local store doesn't carry them, and they are all natural and healthy dog treats.

I started keeping a couple of boxes in my car as well as sticking a box or two in an out-of-the-way spot at the dog's home - on top of the fridge or in an unused drawer. Whenever I walked in the house, I made sure I was carrying a couple of those yummy doggie treats in my hand to give the dog right away – praising him highly for NOT running out the door. After about five visits, the puppy figured out it was MUCH more fun to see what I was bringing in rather than trying to escape. Mission accomplished.

I've successfully replicated this "experiment" with a couple of granddogs. Every dog I am around now thinks I "walk on water." NOT because I am so great. But because they LOVE the peanut butter dog treats I bring them. And I'm in seventh heaven because I don't have to worry about a dog or granddog accidentally running out when I come in - and getting lost or hurt in an accident. Now that's definitely a win-win situation, don’t you think?