Molds appear mostly in moldthe outdoor environment. They however reproduce rapidly the moment mold spores land on a damp surface indoors. It can be a leaky roof, a burst pipe or a typhoon which leaves you a flooded basement or a damped living room, turning your house a breeding ground for house mold. It is recommended that you hire a handyman to fix your household problem before any home mold is found. If the basement water is extracted or the damped area in the house is dried within 24-48 hours, there will not be any mold detection for most cases. What if there is a household mold problem for you already?

Act promptly to remove mold and mildew

Once you spot a house mold and mildew problem, there is no way you should put off the mold removal action as you are competing with the fast growth rate of the mold. Since moisture is a key factor for the mold to reproduce, the first thing you should do is to cut the water supply of your home mold. You then remove the mold with detergent and water and keep the place dry afterwards. You also have to repair the broken pipe or the leaky roof to stop the source of excess moisture. For a water damaged carpet, you have no choice but to throw it away. If the work of removing mold seems to be too tedious or hard for you, you can always find a mold remediation company to do the mold removal job.

Mold allergy and asthma attack

Mold and mildew can pose health problems on human beings such as mold allergy and asthma attack. Like pollen allergy (hay fever) or other allergies, mold allergic reactions occur when an individual overreacts to a particular material which is mold spore in the case of mold allergy. Mold allergy symptoms are similar to that of many common allergies which include itchy eyes, watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, stuffy nose (nasal congestion) and skin rashes. For sensitive individuals, house mold can also trigger asthma attack.

When should I contact a mold removal company?

Before using a water damage restoration service, it is wise to try cleaning the home water damage yourself. You may also buy a mold test kit to understand your household mold and mildew condition. The above house mold removal methods would surely be helpful for mold abatement. And when black mold removal is your concern, it is time for you to look for a mold remediation company. If you do not feel like doing the mold cleanup yourself or after you have taken the above mold remediation steps, the house water damage still persists, it would be time for you to give a mold removal company a call.

What can mold remediation companies do for me?

You may think that you can handle the disaster restoration on your own. This may be the case if the water damage is of small amount. Otherwise, I suggest that you seek the help from water damage restoration companies to do the house mold and mildew removal. They would be able to help you fix the flooded basement by extracting the basement water, remove the water damaged carpet, do a mold test and remove the mold, which will save you from searching how to get rid of mold information on the internet and the headache, of course, especially when you are dealing with black mold removal.

Even when the house mold remediation is finished, you should always keep the house dry as a mean of mold prevention measure.

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