Next to 3M, MSA, and Survivair, Moldex respirators and their other accessories like cartridges, masks, filters, and storage cases are some of the most trusted and highest selling products of their kind. Many people go to work every day with the comfort of knowing that they have Moldex respirators on their side to keep their lungs free from any hazardous abatement that may be floating in the air. This company has so many different kinds of masks to choose from, making them great for several different types of tasks. If you want to get the best Moldex respirators for your job, then you need to get to know all of the different kinds and what they have to offer.

Disposable Moldex Respirators and Masks

If you're looking for some disposable masks, then this company has quite a selection for you to look at. Disposable Moldex respirators are great for many different environments, whether your cleaning, scraping, painting, sanding, or disposing of any materials that cause any kind of particulates or abatement to float in the air around you. They come in several styles that each provide comfort and protection in their own unique ways, and all of the disposable masks are guaranteed to work if used properly. All of them are PVC-free and collapse-resistant.

The disposable Moldex respirators are made with a lot of attention to comfort. They have a contoured pinch-free nose bridge which is considered by many to be much more comfortable than the standard metal strip bands that you normally see. Those metal strips always need adjusting and are rarely comfortable. They have the Ventex valve the lets hot air out more efficiently, cuts down on breathing resistance, and the masks often last longer because of it. The disposable Moldex respirators also have the Dura-Mesh shell that protects the filter unit, allowing it to stay nice and clean for a bit longer.

There are many different straps and styles to choose from. Here is a list of which kinds of masks they have what model numbers to look for:

Standard 2-Strap Moldex Respirators

  • 1200N95 Dirt Dawgs
  • 2200N95HV
  • 2200N95
  • 2300N95
  • 2400N95
  • 2500N95
  • 2310N99

Adjustable Strap Moldex Respirators

  • 2315N99
  • 2360P100

EZ-ON Moldex Respirators

  • EZ 22
  • EZ 23

Handy-Strap Moldex Respirators

  • 2600N95
  • 2700N95
  • 2800N95
  • 2730N100
  • 2740R95
  • 2840R95
  • 2940R95
  • D2740R95
  • M2600
  • M2700
  • M2740R95
  • M2800
  • M2840R95

Healthcare Moldex Respirators

  • 1500N95
  • 2200GN95
  • 3200N95

Reusable Moldex Respirators and Masks

Getting reusable masks is often much more cost effective as compared to getting the disposables, no matter how convenient they may be. Many employers turn to using reusable Moldex respirators to distribute to their employees to both cut down on costs as well as give the workers a more effective way of keeping their lungs free of dust and harmful contaminants. There are several reusable masks to choose from, all of which are highly durable and considered some of the best on the market today.

Getting reusable masks that are already assembled is pretty convenient. That's why this company came out with the 8000 Series. The 8001, 8002, and 8003 models of pre-assembled Moldex respirators are not only comfortable, but can also be used in a wide variety of applications and require less maintenance than most other masks out on the market. This is because they have no gaskets, no yolk, and all of the parts just snap in to place. You can get the 8000 Series either pre-assembled or you can buy individual face pieces, cartridges, and filters.

Cartridges for Moldex Respirators

Whenever you need replacement cartridges for your Moldex respirators, they are easily found usually in the same places as the masks themselves. The cartridges from this company are famous for being super easy to assemble and replace. Instead of having to thread the cartridges in, they simply snap in to place and stay secure. Here are the different kinds of cartridges for Moldex respirators to look for:

  • Acid Gas
  • Formaldehyde
  • Organic Vapor
  • Organic Vapor/Acid Gas
  • Ammonia/Methylamine
  • Multi-Gas/Vapor Smart
  • P100

Filters for Moldex Respirators

You can also usually find some really good filters from this company to replace your old ones when they get too dirty. Moldex respirators come with some of the best filters possible, many of which are NIOSH approved , and you can keep using them time and time again if you go ahead and buy the replacements. It's always a good idea to stick with the same brand when you go to look for parts like this anyway, and there are more than enough to choose from.

  • NIOSH Approved
  • Dual Applications
  • Welding
  • N95
  • P100

Other Accessories for Moldex Respirators

There is quite a nice selection of other accessories that you can get with or for your masks. For example, there is the Paint Bucket Kit, which is a package made specially for painters. It comes with one of the most comfortable assembled Moldex respirators, the 8113N, as well as free foam earplugs and a free resealable paint bucket.

This company has a few other things that you may find useful. The probe cartridge is great for fit testing. The patented Locker is a must-have for storage. They are pretty affordable and can fit 4-5 disposable Moldex respirators per unit. These are what you should look at getting if you are an employer as these Lockers will help reduce waste and keep your masks organized for your employees.

Where to Buy Moldex Respirators, Cartridges, Filters, and Other Parts

You can always look for these popular masks and accessories around town at stores like Lowe's, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or any local hardware shops. You can usually find the best selections and prices online, though. Look around the internet for stores that sell this brand and you will find tons of results. Amazon, eBay,,, and are just a small handful of the stores that have cheap Moldex respirators, cartrideges, filters, and other parts on sale.

There is a reason this brand is so popular. They consistently produce some of the best and most affordable masks on the market, so it's never too hard to find them on sale, especially online. The internet is host to hundreds of stores to shop around and compare prices with, enabling you to save money on important things like Moldex respirators, especially if you are an employer and need to buy large quantities of them.

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