Molecular Gastronomy, the best way to prepare steak..

As one reads about cooking nowadays, one will not miss texts that are referring to molecular gastronomy. This way of cooking is getting more and more popular and the good thing about the way of cooking is that it's perfectly possible to do some of it yourself! Not all of it is dangerous or so difficult that only professionals can give it a try!

What is molecular gastronomy?

When talking about molecular gastronomy it is important to know a bit what the impressive name means. In simple words the two words mean cooking while taking care of the chemical reactions that take place in the food. And by knowing what happens to the food, you can prepare the food in the way that releases the best qualities of the food, so you will have a great taste and an amazing experience while eating the dinner you prepared. Knowing what is going on in food while doing preparing it, is something that's hard to understand and therefore the way of cooking is really challenging. However, it is not that hard to try out some recipes that have been released by those who take a closer look to the concept of molecular gastronomy.

Steak, in the molecular gastronomy way

For school I had to take a closer look at molecular gastronomy and I found this amazing recipe and since it is so good I feel the need to share the recipe with the rest of the world. I must say before I really tried the recipe I was feeling kind of skeptical. The things I had to do seemed so strange to me that I was wondering whether it was all nuts. But in the end I tried it out and I discovered that what I thought beforehand was so wrong, because it really worked well!


· Two steaks with a cross section of about 1,5 cm ( 0.6 inch).

· Kiwifruits

· A masher

· Pepper

· Salt

· A frying pan

· Butter

The ingredients aren't really hard to get and the recipe is meant to prepare two steaks with a cross section. I can't say how many kiwifruit is needed, as I don't know what the length of steaks will be. But once you have read the explanation on what to do, you will know how many you will need.

This is the way you should try to prepare your steak if you are interested:

· Peel the kiwifruits.

· Mash the kiwifruit.

· Spread the kiwifruit over the steaks, so that every part of the meat is covered ( you need as many kiwifruit as is needed for this step.)

· Wait for twenty minutes before getting the kiwifruit of the steaks.

· Use the pepper and salt to bring the meat to taste.

· Take the frying pan, heath it and put some butter in the pan.

· Now fry the steaks for two minutes, one minute each side.

· Serve the steak with anything you like, such as salad and baked potatoes.

What has happened?

In the kiwifruit, with which you covered the steaks, an enzyme exists that starts some chemical process in the steaks. Somehow this process changes the taste of the meat a bit, for the better. It's hard to explain in words what really changed, but you will have to taste yourself!