One of my favorite notebooks is the Moleskine plain cahier journal. I use these journals for everything from taking notes in my college classes to keeping track of my daily tasks and goals. I even use it as my workout journal.

Why Moleskine Plain Cahier Journals Are Great

Moleskine Plain Cahier Journal Blue Cover

These are my favorite notebooks for several reasons. Some of these reasons are general to Moleskine notebooks; others are specific to the plain cahiers. Here are just a few of the reasons I love this journal:

  1. Rugged – As with all Moleskine products, these notebooks are rugged and can stand up to a considerable amount of abuse. This is not the case with many covered notebooks, and you wouldn’t think this one would be any better just looking at it. The covers seem kind of thin at first glance, but they are actually quite strong and can be thrown down stairs, stepped on, shoved in a backpack, and any other daily act you can think of without being tearing.
  2. Flexible – The flexibility of these journals is one of my favorite things about it. I’m a big fan of flexible books and notebooks (I prefer paperback books over hard covers). There are many soft covered notebooks, but none this soft. I frequently fold the whole book in half and shove it into my back pocket. While the cover creases slightly, I’ve never seen the inside pages get creased at all.
  3. Quality Paper – The paper quality in Moleskine notebooks has always been greatly debated. Recently, however, the quality seems to have increased in their journals. I prefer writing with either Zebra ballpoint pens or Sharpie Pens. Neither of these inks bleeds through to the other side too bad (and I press down hard when I write).
  4. Color – These notebooks come in several colors: black, blue, red, and tan. You don’t have to settle for the classic Moleskine black anymore.
  5. Moleskine Pocket – This is another one of those things that is native to all of their journals. Inside the back cover, there is a pocket (when opened, it will contain a slip of paper detailing the history of the company) that can hold loose pages. This is very useful for holding handouts, receipts, business cards, etc.

What Can I Use One For?

Moleskine Ruled Notebook

There are almost an infinite number of uses for these journals. These are a few of the things I use them for:

  1. Journal – Yes, this one is kind of obvious. But I do use one of these for my personal journal. It also makes a great notebook for a hiking journal since it can be shoved into a pack and flex with your load, but stay together.
  2. Workout Log – I’ve used one of these for the past couple years to record my workout routines.It’s very easy to carry one of these with you into the gym and record your weights, reps, distances run, etc.
  3. Daily To Do List – I use one of these to keep track of what I need to do each day. I also write down anything I need to remember to enter into my online calendar later in the day.
  4. Beer or Wine Journal - Wouldn't it be great if you remembered which beers and wines (or cheeses, restaurants, bars, etc) you liked? Use one of these notebooks to start a beer journal and you'll be amazed at what you'll learn about beer and your own tastes.

Where to Buy Moleskine Notebooks

Moleskine Plain Cahier Journal Red CoverThere are many places to buy Moleskine notebooks. You can purchase them at your local bookstore or you can shop for them online. I personally prefer to buy them online since I can get them a little cheaper and buy more of them at one time.

No matter what you use your Moleskine Plain Cahier Journal for, I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed in it. Pick up a few today and give them a whirl!