Mom…"I want to write a blog." What do you say? How are you going to help your offspring write a blog? You need to find out about writing a blog before you can help anyone else.

The best way to learn is to write a blog yourself and go through all the steps with your daughter, or son; learn together.

Mom: OK. Why do you want to write a blog, Caroline?

Caroline: Everyone has one. And my teacher said everybody has to do one.

Mom: What, exactly is a blog anyway?

Caroline: It's a kind of website where you just write stuff.

Mom: Seems a bit vague, let's find out. Type in that search engine 'What is a blog'

mmmm. 'A website about a particular area, where visitors can leave comments' Still sounds vague.

We'll go to this website.

Caroline:NO. Teacher said we had to do it properly, set up our own website and everything.


Next Day

I was talking to Mary and she said you have to buy something called 'web hosting?' and names for our blogs called 'Domain Names?'

We'll search for those then, come on, let's do it now. I want to write a blog TODAY.

mmm. Web hosting…There are so many companies. There is a company here who will be our web host for 20 blogs and still only charge the same as for one. Sounds like a good idea.

That's a lot of money, Caroline…Alright. It's paid

Now we need those Domain Name things. Mary said the Domain Name thing should say what your website is going to be about. What do you want to write your blog about? I think I want to write my blog about gardening.

I want to write a blog about pop music.

So now we have to find Domain Names about music and gardening.

Will you check if I can have, please

Yes it says that one is 'available'. I will call my blog, if that name is not taken…It's 'available' as well. That's another $20 for the two domain names.

Now what do we do?

Teacher said we should use something called 'Wordpress'

I will give your teacher a piece of my mind next time I see her…What's this big W symbol? Do you think that might be Wordpress?…

Wow! You've done it Mom. You're the greatest.

Next Day

Jim says we have to make our blogs look different. He was talking about 'themes', 'widgets' and all kinds of stupid things.

Jim's as bad as your teacher…OK we'll check out 'themes' and 'widgets'…It says here we have to go to the 'Wordpress Dashboard' on our blogs. We'll work on my blog first.

We have to log in first apparently…THERE, 'admin'. Click that. Now it wants a password. We wrote that down yesterday. Here it is…

Great Mom. Look it says 'Dashboard'. Now what?

Click on 'Appearance'


Then 'Theme'

Then Click on that 'Install Theme' tab at the top of the page.

Click that 'Search' button.

There's HUNDREDS to choose from.

I'll go and make us a coffee while you have a look.

…I like this one for your garden blog Mom. What do you think?

Yes. I like it…Click that 'Install' link

And that 'Install Now' button

We're back in 'Dashboard'. Now what?

Click 'Activate'…Click on the MomsGardenIdeas at the top left, there.

WELL DONE Mom. That looks great

I'll do the same for mine now. You can go now, Mom…MOM.