Being Empowered by Difficult Circumstances

Have you ever had a life experience move you to the point that your entire outlook on life was changed instantly?

Paradigms are the way in which you see the world. Likened to "tipping points", paradigm shifts happen in a couple of phases. 1. the idea is ignored or mildly criticized 2. the idea is strongly criticized, sometmes banned 3. the idea is widely accepted.

Think about the philosophers who lived fighting for an idea, and never lived to see its full acceptance. We know the world isn't flat, and we know the Earth revolves around the sun. A few centuries back, those opinions would have you receiving widespread ridicule, even imprisonment or worse.

Paradigm shifting doesn't have to be a century-long ordeal. It can be triggered by a single event or experience.

Maybe it was the way you saw someone treat a customer and you made a vow to never be that guy again. Or maybe you lost an uncle to a heart attack that prompted you to sign up for a gym membership.

I grew up in a single-parent family. My father had passed away when I was 4 due to a car accident that wasn't his fault. I could have spent years feeling guilty and angry and blaming circumstances for my reality...and I did.

There was a moment when my anger and frustration took a turn and I actually punched through a wall. Details aside, as the blood dripped down my teenage arm, I thought to myself "is this worth it?".

The answer was simply, "no".

Why spend your life blaming others and events for your problems, instead of seeking solutions. The world has larger catastrophes to worry about.

A switch flipped inside my head and I realized that being a "victim" was not going to get me very far. I needed to take command of my life. I needed to make up for the lack of others taking command of their own lives. 

I wanted to be something. I needed to make a difference. Life just wasn't about me and my petty problems. The world needed me to be healthy. The world needed me to be successful. The world rewards those who are grateful.

My mind was not my prison, it was my ticket out. 

When you live free, you serve as an example for others to follow. You never know when you are influencing others.