Let's face it fellow mommies, potty training boys is a much a longer and difficult process than potty training girls. As a mother of three sons under the age of six, I don't think there is a corner of my home that hasn't been "territorialized".  With boys, you have to be a bit sneakier about getting them to like peeing in the potty. Here are my 3 top mommy hacks on how to do this:

Sink the Cheerio

Toddler boys love a challenge, and they also love Cheerios (at least mine do!). So here's a fun way to get your kiddo to pee in the toilet. Ask him to stand in front of the toilet on a stool, so he's high enough, and have him toss a Cheerio into the toilet bowl. Tell him that the object of the game is to sink that floating Cheerio by peeing on it! It may sound gross but it totally works for potty training boys. It turns peeing in the toilet into a "shoot'em up" game more exhilarating than Chicken Invaders.

Pee on the Tree

Kids love the outdoors. A simple trip to the neighborhood park or a short bike ride can do wonders for a child's sense of tranquility.  It's no wonder that one of the most successful first steps for potty training boys is introducing them to "watering the tree". I found that all my three sons warmed up to the idea of peeing outside in the garden much quicker than going to the potty. So let them feel natural and free! Whenever you are outdoors, point out a tree that you think "needs watering". Help them strip down and enjoy the experience. It will bring them a step closer to being fully potty trained.

Jar of Marbles

I know that a lot of mommies use the sticker method for potty training boys but I found that earning marbles and collecting them in a jar was much more effective. It's more tangible and they can pick the color marble they want to add to their jar. Reward your toddler boys with a marble each time they go in the toilet. At the beginning, you can reward them just for agreeing to sit on the toilet. The goal is to fill the entire jar with marbles. Once the jar is full, your child is entitled to a prize, which could be a small toy of your choice.

Naturally, there are many other factors to consider when potty training boys, like emotional readiness, cognitive readiness, your child care situation and more. The suggestions above are just meant to help make the process easier and fun. After a year of trying to get my oldest son potty trained, I implemented the jar of marbles method and something just clicked. Within a week, he was dry every single day. Maybe it was the age, or maybe it was the marbles. I guess I'll never know. The point is that it worked! It just might do the same for you…