-Easy to follow prenatal workout.
-Modifications and use of a chair for days when you just don't have as much energy.


-Less cardio than the second trimester workout

Full Review

After working out to Lindsay Brin's Moms Into Fitness: Second Trimester DVD, I switched over to her third trimester DVD when I hit seven months. I've been working out to Moms Into Fitness: Third Trimester for about two weeks now - and I have to say I'm very pleased with this prenatal workout.

Like her previous prenatal DVD, Lindsay Brin has included two workouts for the price of one. There is a cardio/weight workout and then there is a yoga workout. I don't do yoga normally, and I just don't think that pregnancy is the right time to try it. However, I workout about three to four times a week with the cardio/weight prenatal program.

As in the previous prenatal DVD, Lindsay has two other women featured - each at different stages of their third trimester. Honestly, I was a little scared for the one woman. She looks as though she could go into labor at any time! Good for her though, working out that late in pregnancy.

Because of how far along that participant is, she uses a chair and very modified versions of the exercises. It's a great reference for those who don't feel they can keep up with Lindsay or the other woman. The best part is that Lindsay encourages pregnant women to use a chair or easier version of the exercise. If you're having a tough day, you don't feel guilty or like you are "wimping out".

Lindsay also focuses on what she calls "functional" exercises. These are the kinds of movements you probably won't see in regular workout DVDs. They're tailored toward the growing body of a pregnant woman as well as the kinds of things in that woman's near future - carrying the baby, the stroller, and the car seat. There are also movements aimed at lessening lower back pain and lengthening and stretching tight muscles.

Toward the end of the workout there is a focus on abdominal exercises. For women who have not gotten their doctor's permission to do the core work, you can follow the stretches being done by one of the participants. Then after the core exercise, the entire group finishes up with a few good stretches.

There is a bit less cardio in this prenatal DVD - and understandably so! In the third trimester, sometimes just getting your workout clothes on can be exhausting. Regardless of less cardio, when all is said and done, you still get a pretty good workout.

Just like with any prenatal DVD, expect the workout to be slower and less intense than average. This is to be expected, especially while trying to keep active in the third trimester of pregnancy.

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