-Prenatal DVD that has two complete workouts - A cardio/weight workout and a separate yoga workout.
-Each exercise has modifications so you can tailor the workout to how you're feeling that day


-The workout music is a bit lame.

Full Review

Before I became pregnant this past January, I was used to intense exercise. At least five days a week (sometimes seven days), I would do both cardio and weight training – averaging 60 to 90 minutes. Working out was really a part of my every day routine.

Then when I became pregnant, all that came to a screeching halt. During my first trimester I had some issues and was put on bed rest. Around 12 weeks along my doctor gave me the go ahead to resume regular activity.

Knowing that my old workout routine was not suitable for pregnancy, I started looking for prenatal workout DVDs. I searched for prenatal DVDs and reviews on both Netflix and Amazon. After much trial and error, I found Lindsay Brin's Moms Into Fitness DVDs.

Admittedly I never used Lindsay Brin's first trimester workout, but her Moms Into Fitness: Second Trimester DVD worked wonders for me. Not only did it take the aches and pains out of my back and knees, but I felt less like a slug thanks to the prenatal workout.

One thing to keep in mind with any prenatal workout is that if you're used to intense workouts, as I was, you have to be prepared to slow down. While I find any prenatal workout to be fairly slow and more boring than my usual routine, Moms Into Fitness: Second Trimester was by far my favorite. Once I discovered this prenatal workout, I didn't use any others throughout my second trimester.

Lindsay Brin tailored a workout complete with low-intensity cardio and light weight training. There are two other women in the DVD, each at a different stage in their second trimester. Each of the three women do different variations of the exercises -- so that depending on how you're feeling, you can follow the easier modification or the harder version. Because of that, I honestly believe that even if you were not doing a regular exercise routine before pregnancy, you would be able to do this prenatal DVD.

There is a section of core exercises mixed into the prenatal DVD. However, the way Lindsay Brin tackles that is very smart. After the cardio and weight training she brings you through a cool down and stretch. Then she warns moms-to-be that they should only continue if they have their doctor's permission to do abdominal exercise. You can stop the DVD there and know that you had a great workout and a cool down.

Also included in Moms Into Fitness: Second Trimester, you will find a yoga workout. I am not a yoga person, so I am not comfortable recommending that part of the DVD. However, with the special care that Lindsay Brin took in crafting an excellent prenatal cardio/weight workout, I'm pretty confident that yoga fans will probably enjoy that section of the prenatal DVD as well.

In Closing