Coat of Arms of MonacoThis little country is one of the favorite places in the world to hang out for the rich and famous. Monaco is a famous country and city (the city actually occupies the entire country). Wealthy people from all over the world come here every year to show off their huge yachts and expensive sports cars.

Monaco is an independent principality and a constitutional monarchy. The Grimaldi family has been ruling Monaco since 1297 and Prince Albert II is the current Prince of Monaco. Monaco's only neighbor is France, and both countries have a good relationship. French is the official language, but the nature of the country and its wealthy inhabitants make sure that English is widely spoken as well.

More than 80% of Monaco's inhabitants is of foreign origin, most of them attracted by the absence of income tax on individuals. With only about 30,000 inhabitants in total, it's one of the least populated countries in the world. And with a total area of just 1.95 square kilometers, it's the second smallest country in the world too. Only Vatican City has a smaller surface area.

Monaco is famous for the marina with its luxurious yachts, for the many casinos, including the gorgeous Monte Carlo Casino and for the yearly racing events.

Old Picture of Monte Carlo CasinoThe Monte Carlo Casino

The luxurious casino was opened in 1863, and is home to several beautiful gaming rooms with beautiful names like Salle Blanche or Salon Renaissance. The rooms are beautifully decorated giving the visitor a feeling of dignified class and style.

The Monte Carlo Casino is home to the yearly final event for the European Poker Tour. It has also featured in several James Bond movies.

The racing events

Monaco is home to two yearly racing events, the Monte Carlo Rally and the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix. The Monte Carlo Rally has been held since 1911 and is considered one of the toughest rallies in the world, as the conditions can vary from dry tarmac to snow and ice on the same day.

The Formula One Grand Prix in Monaco is one of few races on the Formula One calendar that's being held in the streets of a city. The first race was in 1929. Ayrton Senna, who later died in a Formula One accident in the San Marino Grand Prix, still holds the record for most wins, six in total.

The marina

The marina is not something to talk about, you have to see it for yourself:
Overview of the Marina at Monaco