Is Monavie a Scam? Here is why I think it is at least a dishonest juice peddling deal.

MonaVie (also known as mon a vie, mon vie, monavi, monivie)  is a group of juice based products marketed through a multi-level marketing program.  The company promote these juices as containing acacia berries and other ingredients said to be beneficial to health.

Some multi-level marketing plans have some validity to them, but many people believe Monavie is a scam for various reasons including:

Unsubstantiated Medical Claims Made by Monavie Distributors 

I have met various independent Monavie distributors and there seems there is no disease on earth that can't be cured with their magic juice.  

One distributer explained that the magic juice helped her seriously mentally challenged child to function more normally (I can't see the difference in the kid).

A quick search found a distributor website that includes some carefully worded suggestions that MovaVie can cure diabetes and increase energy.  This same distributor claims her mother was able to get off cholesterol and blood pressure medicines after 3-4 weeks of drinking Monavie everyday. Not only has Monavie cured diabetes but the same lady claims Monavie cures very high arch pain. Oh, and if you are getting older you need to know MonaVie cures the general pains that come with getting old. These ridiculous claims come from just one distributor!  Every Monavie inductee is trained to roll out a personal anecdote or repeat some fantastically unbelievable hearsay story of how Monavie can cure something. Monavie is magic juice indeed!

Does Monavie Give Energy? 

Monavie Distributors often say that Monavie gives them more energy.  This is either a lie or they suffer from the placebo effect because each “dose” contains just 30 calories and calories are a measure of energy.  30 calories is practically meaningless.  A typical fortune cookie has 30 calories in it, as do three strawberries.  

The company published this statement when launching their Monavie Energy (eMV) drink:

"A significant number of energy drinks are also available in sugar free or low carbohydrate versions. These products provide very little if any “real energy,” since energy comes from calories.""  

 So Monavie itself has disproven the claims that Monavie Original and Monavie Active provide any “real energy” since even their energy drink does not provide real energy.  

Monavie Itself Is Careful to Not Make Unsubstantiated Claims

The official Monavie site carries a telling message “Monavie Active is a food, and as such, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.”  This can be accessed by going to the Science section and viewing clinical studies on MonaVie products and/or key ingredients. 

Interestingly, many other foods have been proven to treat, cure or prevent diseases. Limes cured scurvy, oat bran has been proven to reduce cholesterol, and antioxidant rich foods have been shown to help in cell health.  If Monavie did anything productive to cure or treat a disease, the company would be shouting it from the rooftops, but they are not.

Dosing Language and Quantities

While Monavie itself claims their product be a food/drink the Monavie Distributors use the medical term “dosing”.  You do not "dose" on orange juice or pasta, you take doses of drugs. You also do not dose on the main ingredients in Monavie - cranberry and grape juice.  Presentation is part of the misleading as well.  Most people drink juice from an 8 ounce glass, not a 1 ounce shot glass like medicine might be dispensed in. What kind of juice has enough strength to do anything in a 1 ounce shot glass?  Even stranger, when there are said to be 19 different juices mixed in that little glass how can there be enough of anything to provide any real benefits? 

The serving size and the use of dosing terminology falsely imply a medicinal benefit that can not be substantiated. 

False Dreams of Success With Monavie

Most regular business people don’t flaunt their large paychecks and brag about the cars and vacations to others .  Most successful people go about their life quietly.  Network marketing gurus find it more effective to dangle lifestyle, money, and award pins in front of their new recruits to motivate people who will never see any of fancy cars or awards.  Several network marketing Directors advised me to "fake it till you make it" by projecting a successful lifestyle until you actually achieve a successful lifestyle - an expensive idea for someone who can't afford to look successful and desperately needs to make some money.

Do the Monavie magic juice peddlers disclose how hard it is to get the big financial rewards?  I’m not a Monavie Distributor, so I’m just providing the link from the goodness of my heart in case you missed it or in case a Monavie distributor told you a success story or discussed the income model but failed to give you a copy of the Income Disclosure Sheet that they are required to give you.  If you go to a Monavie meeting and the Income Disclosure Statement is not mounted for everyone to see, than the distributors broke the company rules.   


Cost per Bottle

At $45 per bottle, Monavie magic drink is a very expensive fruit juice.  There are certainly cheaper ways to obtain any health benefits present since buying juice in the store avoids  all the markups and layers of payouts that a v bottle generates.  If you really want to buy the Monavie juice there is always a lot for sale on eBay for less than the company changes (people trying to get some of their money back?)

 The direct automatic shipping system can quickly drain your pocketbook with no extra effort on your part.  Many distributor talk of selling/sharing the juice so they can drink the juice for free, but there are many things they could be doing to earn extra cash that would not annoy and rip off their friends.  They could write on Infobarrel, deliver pizzas, look for pennies worth more than a penny, or even sell their extra junk on ebay.   

The least plentiful ingredient, but most hyped, is the freeze-dried Acai berry.  It turns out Monavie's number one ingredient is just cranberry juice.  Cheap white grape juice is high on the ingredient list as well.  For the cost of a couple of MonaVie shots you can buy a whole bottle of cranberry or grape juice and drink up!  

Comments are Welcome.  Is Monavie all that?  Have you been ripped off by the Monavie Scam?  If you are not a Infobarrel member, join free now to comment.