RAW opened with JR along side the king to call the show. Triple h made his way to the ring admitting he was more nervous than he had ever been and explaining that he have everything he had but the undertaker would not stay down. He ended with a thank you to the undertaker for giving him the match and assured him that he will be waiting for a rematch.


     Next, Michael Cole stepped out to run his mouth some more and then offered Jerry Lawler a rematch. After the king accepted Cole said he meant a rematch with Jack Swagger and not himself. After a fairly even start Swagger made a mistake and Jerry took advantage, however, Michael Cole interfered causing Lawler to chase him around and then into the ring. As he started pounding on Cole, Swagger sneaked up from behind and locked on the ankle lock and the king tapped out. However, the RAW GM then reversed the decision due to the interference, so Cole retaliated by dumping bbq sauce on JR.


     Next up was a tag team match pairing up Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio against CM Punk and Cody Rhodes. Randy started off against Rhodes and was in control when he tagged in Rey who went straight for the mask and Cody rolled out of the ring. CM Punk interfered with Orton to allow Rhodes to gain momentum. Punk then came in and then went to work on Randy’s hurt knee but Orton made it to Mysterio for the tag and he was on fire. Rey got Punk in 619 position only to have Rhodes sneak in and catch him with a big boot. Both stars made tags and Orton was all over Rhodes when Punk broke up a pin. Mysterio took out Punk while Randy set Rhodes up in 619 position and this time Rey connected. Orton followed with an RKO and pinned Rhodes.


     Stone Cold Steve Austin ring next and brought the competitors form tough enough to let them introduce them selves. After the introductions The Miz interrupted Austin to talk about himself and talk trash to everyone else. Mocking Stone Cold and then challenging him to a match and Stone Cold responded with clear the ring. As The Miz cheap shotted Austin, he then let Alex Riley have a chance Austin was quick to turn it around and opened up a can on Alex Riley ending with a stunner. He then celebrated with the entire tough enough competitors with a Steveweizser toast, then moved on and gave Michael Cole a beer bath.


     Following this we had Albert Del Rio against Evan Bourne. Del Rio started off strong and was all over Bourne. Evan got the upper hand once but got caught on the top rope with a kick from Alberto who finished up with a cross arm breaker to force Bourne to tap out.


     Next Vicki Guerrero came out shrieking and blamed the loss at Wrestlemania on Lay-Cool. Then Dolph challenged John Morrison and Trish Stratus to face him and Vicki. Morrison and Stratus quickly accepted. Dolph and John started exchanging blows but Dolph quickly tagged out Stratus controlled Vicki and tagged Morrison back in. Ziggler actually was fairing pretty well until he approached Stratus who slapped him and then laid him out allowing Morrison to hit star ship pain and pinned Dolph for the win.


     On the card following that Sheamus and Daniel Bryan would have a rematch for Sheamus’ new United States Championship. Sheamus took control fast brutalizing Bryan. Bryan gained momentum momentarily but Sheamus caught him with a boot and pinned him to retain his championship. Sheamus was not finished and kept on beating Bryan. Enter Sin Cara for his debut taking Sheamus by surprise and nailing some high flying moves and flooring the United States Champion.


     Finally, John Cena and The Rock had some unfinished business that needed attention. Cena entered to a mix of cheers and boos and then congratulated The Miz because he explained that it does not matter how you do it just get it done then he called out the Rock. The Rock came out and explained that he does respect Cena and everything that he has done but he does not like him simply because they both want to be the best. Cena came back with the fact that the WWE Universe wants to see a match between The Rock and Cena. The Rock agreed but insisted to do it at wrestle mania 28 and Cena agreed. The Corre popped up around the ring but The Rock and Cena weathered the storm finishing off The Corre with you can’t see me, followed by a peoples elbow, followed by an attitude adjuster, followed by a rock bottom, and ending in a hand shake.