cash (17688)It smells like money. What does money smell like? It smells like bread if that is all you can afford. Money smells like roses if you are in love. Money smells like Cocaine if you are that way inclined. It smells like gas or petrol if you don't work for BP (latest oil spill). Yes money makes the world go round. Don't you just love it? What can you not do with money? You can do almost everything with money. Residual or Passive money sounds better than residual or passive income. Passive money means you've got so much of it you don't know what to do. Yes we live in a crazed world where everyone is obsessed with money. If you want to see the number of articles on Infobarrel go from 28000 to zero in no time, just get Infobarrel admin to reduce the revenue share from the current 70/30 to 20/80 in favor of Infobarrel. It will be drier than the desert on Infobarrel. Yes we are all in it for the money. Oh! That sounds evil but it is the truth. I sometimes try to convince myself that I write to help people. That is true but I have not completely forgotten about myself. I write to help others help me. It is a case of live and let live.

What is the history of money? This question seems to suggest that once upon a time money didn't exist. That is true. So what happened? Someone obviously figured out he could live better if he were to invent money. Those who actually complained about money have not really exploited its potential. Money can take you to places you might not want to be. It is amazing what people will do just for money. If money were to suddenly disappear, what will happen to the world? Let us take a closer look at the question.

Gas and Petrol:

If money were suddenly to disappear, a lot of us will rush to the gas station hoping to get free gas but there will be none. How many of you would like to work on a petrol platform without getting paid? What about the truck driver who has to drive the petrol to the different stations. Without money offshore drilling and exploration will not be possible. You wouldn't be able to afford a car neither. Do you think GM will give it to you for free? This is not the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Internet and Google Adsense

If you knew how much it cost to put in fiber optics wire on major hubs in the world, you would be dumbfounded. Those tiny cables are way expensive. Without money, your internet connection will only take you as far as you door step. Someone has to pay to put those cable under the see all the way from America to Europe, Africa and Asia. They even had to go all the way down under. That is a lot of numbers money wise. Without money there will be no Google Adsense and without Google Adsense, I will not be writing and if people are not writing there will be no content. It will be a very boring world. Money smells like internet connection.


If you live in the country, you might know a little about where your food comes from. Someone people think Tescos or Carrefour is a farm where food grows. If you live in the city, in an apartment block like most people you know you can't grow anything. I have heard some people actually grow weed in their apartments. That is another topic. Anyway, if money were to suddenly disappear, you will be eating your furniture. Some years back in France, there was a nationwide strike the trucker had a good idea. The blocked all the major roads to and from Paris and other big cities in France. It was chaotic. People rushed to the supermarkets and fought each other just to get anything that was left. In matters of days there was nothing left on the shelves. It was crazy. Thank goodness it did go on for that long. You get the idea, no money no food.


Wait a minute, love is love and there is nothing evil about that. Think again. Love doesn't stand a chance if money were to disappear. Comfortable home and a lovely family meal are about money. Can you imagine eating cornflakes with water because you can't afford anything else? If your other half cannot do better, he will be eating alone very soon.

Child Birth

Do you remember the time when women give birth at home, when only the neighbors' help with childbirth? If the baby were to arrive prematurely or have any other problem, there is nothing that can be done. It would most likely be death for the baby or the mother. With money we have advanced technology that could scan and warn parents of potential dangers before birth. We also have incubators because money made it possible. A premature baby could be fed and take care of until he or she is strong enough to go home. Money has helped with regards to receiving better health care. However, you need to be aware of a fact. Hospitals will only treat you if you have insurance or at least some form of money to pay your bills. That shows that money smells like health and if you don't have it, it might smell like death and the cemetery. That is a grim picture to paint but that is the way money affects us in life or in death.


Have you ever witness the death and burial arrangement of famous and wealthy people? It smells like money doesn't it. There are cars, limousines, people dressed in fancy designer clothes. You will be forgiven to think it was a fashion parade. When someone poor dies, nobody shows ups. It doesn't smell like money. They just throw him in a make shift grave and a cheap wooden cross is placed over his crave with no inscription. There was no money left to write anything. When a poor person dies, it does smell cheap and you know money didn't attend the funeral.