Money belts for men are a great way to carry cash, your passport, and other papers such as airline tickets, without fear of being stolen or lost. 

Since men tend to carry their wallets in their back pockets, this can make for an easy target while traveling.  Even if they carry them in their front pocket, what about your passport and airline tickets?

Many men are carrying money belts now.  They were once very popular, before credit and debit cards hit the scene.  Once people didn’t need to be carrying around so much cash for their purchases, this style of money storage for men tended to disappear. 

But with pick pocketing on the rise, and so much of our lives being carried in our wallets now, such as license, credit cards and of course cash, it makes sense to consider carrying them again.  The difference is, this time around they are more modern, tough and easy to wear under your pants or shirt, some, even have water proof linings.

Men can now carry everything in one spot, such as cash, credit cards and of course papers such as passports and tickets.  You will know where they are at all times.  These belts are comfortable with adjustable straps.  They lay flat against your bodyMoney Belts for Men, as long as you don’t overload them!

So, the next time you are on that crowded train whether at home or abroad, you know your money is as safe as it can be, being carried on the front of your person rather than having that lumpy wallet ripe for the picking in your back pocket.

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Many people think they would be able to feel a thief getting at their wallet, but these thieves are well trained and good at what they do.  They will quite often tag team, which doesn’t give you much of a chance.  One will distract you, while the other goes for your wallet.

If you don’t like sitting on your wallet in the car while driving, and tend to leave it in the center console, then you are asking for trouble.  A friend of mind was scammed and lifted of his wallet, when a nice looking older lady knocked on his window to tell him his tire looked flat.  He quickly leaped out of the car and went to look, and of course he had not locked the door.  Her “partner” in crime, quickly opened the door and grabbed his wallet from the center console.

He was gone fast.  By the time my friend figured out what was going on, both were gone.  He now carries one everywhere, not just for travelling.

Another friend of mine always carries a decoy wallet.  That is a cheap wallet he gets from a discount store or dollar store, and keeps it in his back pocket.  After he was mugged a few years ago and lost all his money, he decided to carry money belts for men, and now carries a decoy so that when they do get it, there is a very descriptive note inside.  Makes him feel better he said, knowing that they worked so hard to get nothing!

You don’t have to go to that extreme, but by carrying these belts, that are designed to fit flat and are adjustable, you can keep track of your money and credit cards safely and comfortably.

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keep your money safe.