We have all known a man or two that carries in his pocket a giant wallet that is bursting at the seams with its contents. These are the bulky and uncomfortable wallets of the past and are in serious need of an update for modern men and modern lifestyles. A great innovation, as well as a great gift idea, is a money clip wallet.

Money clip wallets incorporate the storage for cards (credit, debit, driver's license) with the ability to hold cash the way traditional money clips might. This offers two things that men value. Money clip wallets offer utility and style all in one convenient package.

What Are Some Advantages of Money Clip Wallets?

There are many advantages to money clip wallets both obvious and not. Below are a few advantages to consider.

Less Bulk - Money clip wallets are often sleek in design. They have smaller pockets for cards on one side and they offer a flexible clip for cash on the other. This is a very typical design for money clip wallets. Where this design really shines is in the efficient use of space. Money clip wallets keep cash and cards in one convenient package without the need for bulky cash folding and thick leather.

More Comfortable - If you have ever had the opportunity to sit on a traditional wallet that is held in a back pocket then you will see the value of money clip wallets immediately. The sleek design and thinner profile allow for the storage of money clip wallets in the front pocket as opposed to the back. This makes both sitting and walking more comfortable. Also, the design is sleek so the money clip wallet, will likely, not show through the front pocket and create awkward bulging.

Modern Style - A lot of men these days are becoming more conscious of their style and fashion. However, most men still don't want to sacrifice function for form. Money clip wallets are a great marriage of these two aspects thus making them great gifts for men. Your man is likely to appreciate the utility and style of most modern money clip wallets.

Personalized - Often, the option to personalize money clips wallets is something to consider. Having a personalized money clip wallet is a great way to give your man a personal and functional gift that he is sure to appreciate. They can be monogrammed with his initials or maybe even have a short note. Either way, a personalized money clip wallet is a great way to add a personal touch to your gift.

          Where Can I Find Money Clip Wallets?

          Department Stores - Most major department stores will carry money clip wallets in the men's accessory section. If not, a friendly customer service associate is likely able to point you to a place that might carry some.

          Online - Online shopping is often the way to go, and this is no different in your search for money clip wallets. In fact, typing the words, "money clip wallet" into a major search engine will likely yield thousands of results. The top results will likely be some ads from companies that sell or manufacture money clip wallets. Another added bonus to shopping online is that you will probably find money clip wallets for cheaper than you would find in a department store.

          If it is coming up on gift time for a man in your life, consider buying him a money clip wallet. He is sure to appreciate the thought you have put into the purchase. He may in fact be long overdue for an upgrade to his old bulky wallet. Bring your man into the future with a money clip wallet!