Money For Video Games: The Basics

Selling video games is a great way to make some extra cash.  Before you sell your video games you must make an inventory of the games you currently own to decide which ones you want to sell.  Newer video games will of course bring you more money because they are in higher demand but some older games can also bring you a decent income since there may be collectors looking for them.

If you have some games that were released as a collector's edition for example, then these games can be more valuable.  Collector's editions usually have special maps, figurines, posters, or other items not found in the basic release of the game in the retail store.  Some games such as these can bring you more money so you can price them accordingly.  Some older console games are also sought after by collectors and can also bring you additional revenue.  It is up to you to decide on the price of your games but you can get a general idea from auction sites and other places used games are sold.

Sell on Ebay

Once you have the games that you want to sell you need to find a place to sell them at.  One of the easiest places for sellers to make money is Ebay.  When you sell games on Ebay you have competition from other sellers but it is still a great place to make money with your games.  If you have plenty of inventory you can open an Ebay store.  This way you have a central place to track your inventory and make sales.  On this auction site you can sell your games all over the world.  You do need to check other sellers prices and make sure that your inventory is not priced to high.  You will make more sales if you have a reasonable price.  You can sell at an auction price or use the buy it now feature to make quick sales.  You can also set up the best price feature and have people offer you what they are willing to give for your game.  Once you have established good feedback it will be easier to make more sales on the auction site.

Money For Games: Garage Sales and Flea Markets

If you are in need of some quick cash and don't want to go the auction route you can try a garage sale.  While you won't get the price you want for your game at a garage sale you most likely will sell everything you put in the sale.  It is better not to put prices on your games and instead bargain with people interested in them so you can make more money from your sales.  Other places to sell your inventory include flea markets and swap meets.  Before you sell that these places you need to figure out how much your table at these locations is going to cost.  The price of your games must be high enough to cover the cost of your place at these locations or you won't make any money.  At a swap meet or a flea market you will make more money than a garage sale.  The only thing that might limit your sales is if you have competition during the event from other sellers.  Try to keep your costs at a reasonable price so you move everything you want to sell.  The more you know about each game the better it will be to sell them.  You can talk to buyers and get them interested in your product.  If you don't know all the facts about the game be sure to do some research on it.

Sell to Others Online

Another way to sell your games is to visit forums and other locations on the Internet and ask people if they would be interested in buying what you're offering.  Be sure to check with the webmaster or forum administrator to be sure that you are allowed to sell or advertise your games with them.  You could also create a blog or website to sell what you have.  You could use PayPal to collect money from buyers.  This would be a slower method of selling your video games than auctions or flea markets.

You Can Make Money Selling Your Games

You have many options to sell your video games.  The ones you pick are up to you but you shouldn't have much trouble selling your games because they are usually in high demand by people.  Just make sure that your games are priced reasonably and you should see some money for video games in your pocket.