Anyone looking for a very exciting and crowd-pleasing attraction at a celebration or promotional event should consider the many benefits of renting a money machine - sometimes called a cash cube. To grab the attention of participants and bystanders alike, there are few things more enticing than a money machine to get your event noticed.

What is a Money Booth?

There are many terms that are used to describe a money booth, like cash cube, cash cage, money blower machine, money grab machine, or mobile money booth. Regardless of the name used, they all describe a booth about the size of a traditional enclosed phone booth that has one primary function - to blow money through the air.

These booths are typically just big enough for one person to stand in, and they contain a fan that is used to blow loose bills through the air. The participant attempts to grab as much of the swirling money as possible in the allotted period of time.

These machines are not just for cash. They also work very well to fling other light things around, like play money, coupons or vouchers for discounts or free services.

Best Uses for a Cash Cube

For private functions, a rented money machine is a great way to distribute bonuses. For example, at an employee appreciation event you might allow employees to each have a turn to grab some extra cash, or to grab play money that can be used at a company casino night.

For businesses, a money blowing machine is a great marketing tool. There are few things that will grab more attention at a trade show or promotional event than this. A machine has a big impact on customer involvement and instantly creates a carnival atmosphere. It’s great for a grand opening event or for big periodic promotions.

These machines can also be a lively way to raise money for charity. A money grab for charity is a unique idea that can turn the fun of grabbing the whirling money into a fundraiser.

Money Machines are GREAT Fun!

The best part of a money booth rental is that people will truly have fun. They are such a great way to attract people, including customers or prospects, and they are very interactive. Even people who would not normally stop will want to watch the outcome or watch their friends and cheer them on.

These machines also create a nice backdrop for pictures and can be used as an advertising spot. Some machines have a built-in digital marquee on them to display a message, along with a digital timer. Even if they don’t have a digital message scroller, you can add logos, signs, or whatever you like to the booth to be seen by bystanders.

Cash Cube Rules

To make your event successful, make sure you enforce a few rules. Decide on a specific time that is allowed. A typical range is 15-30 seconds per person. This is long enough to grab money without being too long to lose the natural excitement trying to beat a ticking clock

Other common rules state that no money may be collected from the floor, ceiling, or trapped against the walls. Only mid-air catches are usually allowed, and no opening of a shirt to trap bills is permitted. These simple rules will keep it more exciting and fair for everyone.

More Unique Ideas

Here are some ideas to make it even more fun. Raffle a chance to enter the cube and schedule and post the times for each run so bystanders can gather ahead of time. Include at least 1 big prize in the booth to make it even more exciting. Add coupons for free services that will turn bystanders into long-term customers. Have those entering the booth wear a company logo shirt or apron to add exposure to your cause or brand.

Regardless of why you are renting a money machine and how you set it up, you can be sure that crowds will gather, and the high entertainment value will ensure that everyone has fun.