Money Making Apps
Credit: jdurham,

Everyone could use some extra cash flow each month. However, given the state of the current economy and job market, people have had to look in some creative places to get it. Some may use traditional methods such as picking up extra shifts or finding a second job to work part time. Fortunately in the information age we are no longer limited to conventional sources of income. Some of the more tech savvy among us are using their mobile devices to earn extra cash each month. Here are a few apps that you can use to put money in your pocket today.

Surveys on the Go

This is the simplest way to make money using your mobile device. Simply sign up and browse through the available surveys. It pays around $1 per survey payable through PayPal. While it requires a minimum of $10 to cash out, surveys are quick, easy, and generally can be completed during any downtime during the day.

Field Agent

This free app lets you act as the eyes and ears of a marketing agency. Essentially you complete a variety of crowd sourced tasks in your area. Many of the tasks are as simple as taking surveys and photos related to displays in local stores and restaurants. The jobs are listed by category as well as an on an easy to read map. Tasks pay out on average between $4 and $6 by PayPal and available tasks vary by area.

Gig Walk

Gig Walk is another free app that pays you to seek out local businesses and complete simple tasks associated with them. Overall this app is very similar to Field Agent and includes tasks such as surveys and photographing businesses and displays. Payouts tend to be higher than Field Agent. However, there is a short application process to receive approval from Gig Walk to complete tasks instead of the first come, first serve basis that Field Agent uses.

Gym Pact

This app’s benefits are twofold. First, it makes you money. Second, it can provide you with that occasional extra push that you may need to get yourself to the gym. It works by having a group of fitness-minded people contribute between $5 and $10 to a community pot. If a member misses a workout, his or her cash is distributed to the rest of the group. Putting a cash value on workouts can be a great motivator but there is always the potential to lose money.