Research Is The Backbone Of Quality Content

Article writers who produce articles for submission to article directories or those authors who offer an article writing service are often lost when finding good research.

Since the internet became popular as a source of information almost any subject imaginable has been written about in depth. How then can article writers produce good informative unique content?

Experienced authors realize that their articles will only be as good as the research material they gather prior to putting their words in print. Certainly it is possible to use a good search engine and spend time searching out bits of information from various sources and find money making ideas..

Don't Waste Time With Poor Research Searches

However for most article writers time is money. They are often working under deadlines to produce material in a timely manner. All the time lost searching for research material is time that will not be spent actually producing finished work.

What is needed is a central source where a substantial amount of material can be gathered quickly and in a form that will help the author visualize the finished article.

As an author I constantly search for sources that will save time and yet produce good information and not just a listing of snippets that have no relation to each other.

The absolute best source I have found is a site called Iresearch Reporter. This site was actually recommended to me by other authors who maintain that the information gathered there could almost be used in the form it is gathered as a finished article.

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I never use any research material exactly as I find it. I prefer to filter the material through my personal experiences and personal feelings. Simply duplicating the exact words in the exact form they were found or moving sentences around does not offer any unique content and will have very little value. But finding research material in sentence form makes it a simple task to rewrite the sentence and a new words to achieve a unique sentence.

What makes the information from Iresearch Reporter so valuable is the way is is collected. The site searches the internet and produces sentences from published articles and collates them so that the material reads almost like a completed article.

This is a valuable feature because  although I rework or reword the material I can almost see the form of a finished article in the way it appears when it is gathered.  Using the site could not be simpler.

A Free Trial Will Provide Thousands Of Words Of Material

You can sign up for a free one day trial which allows you to make 5 separate searches.  I have found that the average search returns between 5000 and 14000 words. Each sentence has a notation which can be clicked to take you to the actual article.

In addition to all the sentences there is an index of links which are numbered to relate to each piece of material that makes it an easy task to find more information if necessary.   If you choose your search terms wisely those 5 free searches should give you enough material to write dozens of articles.

Once you have used your free trial you can purchase additional searches at very low prices.

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As article writers we need the best research material and convenient methods to gather it. The next time you find your self troubling over an article assignment, give Iresearch Reporter a try.

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