If you are struggling, have lost your job, or are in need of more cash there are a few money making secrets you should know about. What they won't tell you is that making money is actually really simple to do; you just need to think outside the box and be willing to see the opportunities as they come your direction.

The best small businesses start because they fill a need that is not currently being filled. Nothing complicated about that, you have a need, and someone is willing to fill it. You get your needs filled and pay them in the process. Whether you offer a product, service or your knowledge as a consultant you are able to fill somebody's needs and you get paid, everyone is happy. The myth is that you open up for business and make money. The truth is that it takes work and lots of it to make a successful business start up. There is lots of cash to be made if you are willing to be creative in what you offer, fill needs not currently being filled and work hard to build a stable business.

What if you don't have either the time or the inclination to start a home business to make money? What should you do then?

There are numerous other ways to make money for free from home. It may be slower going to start from nothing and boot strap your way up, but it is possible to build a substantial income doing so.

The easiest way is to offer a service, like dog walking, house cleaning, car detailing, or becoming a private tutor. You will need little more than your education, a willingness to work, and posting some free classified ads to get started. I know this is a business, but it is free, so I felt I needed to mention this option to you.

Another money making secret is to look for either telecommute or legitimate work from home opportunities online. There are many options for making money fast while working at home. Transcription work, taking digital stock photos, working as a virtual assistant, writing for free online, internet marketing, and selling on Ebay are all popular ways to make extra money.

The thing most people really will not tell you is that the best way to make money is finding your passion and looking for creative ways to make money around that. If you truly enjoy your work, you will be willing to work longer and harder at making money. That is the truest of all the money making secrets I could share with you. It takes passion, creativity and hard work to make money, but the biggest money making secret of all is loving what you do because it is right for you.