There are many things you can do at home to lower the costs of operating your own household and the following is certainly not an all-inclusive list.  However, these are some simple methods that you can exploit to realize significant savings every month at home.  No matter your income bracket, small changes can make a huge difference!

Clean Your Coils

Make it a point to clean the coils on your outside air conditioning unit every month.  Take a garden hose and spray directly on the inside of the unit where the fan circulates.  Over time, dust, rain and other elements can accumulate on your A/C coils which tend to make your system run overtime.  Keep your system clean by rinsing off your coils in this manner and you’re A/C system will run much more efficiently and effectively.

Use Less Water

If you have a yard, set your sprinklers to water more, but less frequently.  As an example, water for 16 minutes on each section of your yard on three-day intervals rather than for 12 minutes on two-day intervals.  Over the course of a month, this can save you on average of an hour and a half of water time.  Additionally, it is healthier for your grass to water more at greater intervals rather than to water a little bit at a time.

Electric Sense

If you have multiple electrical cords in your house within close proximity, consider plugging them into a power strip.  When these appliances or units are not in use, flip the switch to off on the power strip and unplug the power strip.  This serves two purposes.  First, you can control the power source over several units at once.  Second, units that are turned off but still plugged in still use electricity because the circuit is still open.  For example, I have a paper shredder, my computer’s printer, speakers and monitor in my office.  I keep all of these units plugged into one power strip so only these are turned off completely and unplugged overnight.

Go Green

Finally, one of the easiest and most efficient things you can do around your house is to replace all of your lighting with energy efficient bulbs.  There are “green” bulbs for almost every type of lighting source.  You can replace canned lighting, outside coach lights, fluorescent strip lighting, chandelier lights and landscape lighting all with energy efficient bulbs.  Just make sure you turn off the power sources before you begin this process.  This type of lighting is initially a little more expensive, but you will realize a significant savings over time for two reasons.  First, “green” lighting uses much less energy than standard lighting and will emit just as much or more luminescence.  Second, energy efficient bulbs will last much longer so you have to replace them less frequently.

These are just some of the easy things you can do to lower your monthly operating costs at home.  I hope these tips help and thanks so much for reading!