Plan Your Disney Vacation on a Budget and Still Have Fun!

A family vacation to Orlando can be expensive, but if you plan it right, you save a lot with these money saving tips for Disney World. Everyone loves to visit with Mickey Mouse and friends-who says you have to spend a lot of money to have a great family vacation?


Traveling to Walt Disney World is one of the biggest expenditures on your vacation. Unless you have frequent flyer miles, traveling by plane is the most expensive way to get to the friendliest place on earth. Airfare for a family of four can be close to one thousand dollars, especially if you are traveling during peak seasonal times.

If traveling by air is not an option, then another money saving tip for Disney World is to take Amtrack or a Greyhound bus. This decreases the cost and you do not have to do the driving. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery!

An added bonus to traveling by car is having your own means of transportation. You can come and go as you'd like and not wait for shuttle buses to take you back and forth to your hotel and the park.

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Hotels and Other Options

There are many money saving tips for Disney World for lodging. The other largest expense of your Walt Disney World vacation is where you will hang your hat while you are in Orlando. Walt Disney World offers a wide array of hotels on the its grounds that range in price from modest to very expensive. Because of the economy, Disney has frequently been having promotions to lure more people into staying at the park longer. Be on the lookout for these deals at, because they change with the season. Present packages include "Summertime Savings of up to 30% off" and "Kids Stay and Play Free".

An additional perk for those staying at a Disney resort is that you get early admittance to one of the parks each day, getting a head start to your day when it is cooler.

Staying at a hotel nearby the park is another money saving tip for Disney World. Many of these off-site hotels cater to families who are on a Disney World vacation, so they are reasonably priced, offer great amenities, and best of all, they provide free shuttle transportation to and from the park. This here is a significant savings, as you forgo the need to rent a car. Many are also located near other attractions that you can walk to.

If you want to save more money, then staying at a hotel in Kissimmee, a town right outside Orlando, will save you significant sums of money. Combine this money saving tip to Disney World with driving your own car down, and you are talking savings in the thousands of dollars.

Many hotels and motels have efficiencies, meaning they have kitchenettes. Another money saving tip is to stay in one of these places, so you can make your own breakfast, lunches and/or dinners.

There are also many condos for rent in the Kissimmee area. They may cost a bit more than an hotel or motel, but they provide a more homey experience as well as a bit more luxury.
Wherever you decide to stay, make sure it is within your budget and that you are getting the best deal.


While admission tickets are pricey, there are some money saving tips to Walt Disney World that can keep some more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

The Automobile Club of America (AAA) offers discount tickets to Walt Disney World. The type of pass and how many days you choose to play at the park determines the price. Visit your local AAA website for pricing and ordering information.

At, you get tickets with certain types of hotel packages. Check the website for up-to-date details.

A recently ended promotion for a free Disney World ticket was to "Give a day, get a day". One million people volunteered to help in their communities. Last year, Disney offered free admission on your birthday. Again, be on the lookout for Disney promotions, as they want to have families keep on coming and spending.

Active and Retired U.S. Military, including members of the U.S. Coast Guard and activated members of the National Guard or Reservists, may purchase up to five discounted tickets for themselves and five family members. If the military members are active, their family can still buy discounted tickets. All they have to do is show a valid military ID.

Food and Beverages

Eating at Disney World can cost a family a small fortune. There are lots of ways to save money and not starve while you are at the park.

If you are staying at one of the resort hotels, you can purchase one of six different dining plans for your family. Look at each one and see if any are right for you. Depending on the plan, you can eat just about anywhere in the park, and snacks are included.

While eating at the park, children can share an adult meal.

Staying at a hotel with a free breakfast buffet is another money saving tip for Disney World. If you eat a large breakfast, you can go without eating at the park for a longer period of time. That means hitting the rides when the weather is cooler and before the crowds come later in the day.

If your hotel does not come with breakfast, go to a local grocery store and buy instant oatmeal, or bring some sealed in a baggie from home. Just boil the water in your coffee pot and eat and go.

Pack your own cooler with snacks and water bottles. You can bring snacks in your suitcases or go to a nearby store to buy them. Each person has to carry their own backpack and snacks while at the park. Empty water bottles can be refilled at water fountains.

If you are bringing a cooler with food, it may be wise to rent a double stroller. This way you are not carrying all of your things in the heat. Or you can invest in renting a locker for your belongings.

Other Money Saving Tips for Walt Disney World

If you apply for the Disney Rewards Visa Card, you will be eligible for many park perks and discounts, as well as special vacation financing. You can redeem your points for Disney merchandise.

Buy your Disney souvenirs at local stores, thirft stores, or garage sales. not at the park. They are significantly cheaper. Or if you have a Disney Store in your local mall, watch for sales and buy tee shirts and other items for your trip there.

Florida is rainy in summer. Be sure to bring rain gear so you will not get soaked if rain is in the forecast. No need to buy a rain poncho at the park if you already have one.

Having a family vacation does not require a second mortgage if you use these money saving tips for Disney World.