Kitchen Cleaning

Everyone wants a sparkling clean house and is happy to share information on their most favorite housecleaning products. But few will talk about the high price of a clean house. The prices of spray cleaners, degreasers, powdered cleansers, carpet cleaners and so forth gradually adds up. These simple money saving tips will help you in cleaning the home at a fraction of the normal cost and yet still leave your house sparkling clean and smelling very fresh.

Cheap Kitchen Cleaning

Buy a couple of empty spray bottles. Also get an economy sized refill bottle of all-purpose spray cleaner together with a large bottle of white vinegar. Fill up one empty spray bottle to about 2/3's full with the all-purpose cleaner, then fill up the rest of the space with water. Fill the other empty bottle to about half way with full strength white vinegar and finish filling the rest with water. These two inexpensive spray cleaners will take care of almost any kitchen troubles from food spills and grease spatters to dirty floors and wall fingerprints. Vinegar is also acts as a very good disinfectant that will get rid of several harmful germs and bacteria from countertops. And since it is a natural food product, there is no worry about the use of vinegar around food.


Get some powder or liquid dish cleaner for cleaning the dishwasher, make use of a quarter less of the recommended amount. Too much of dishwasher detergent can do harm to dishes and glasses, so by making use of a little less, the dishes will still be cleaned and in addition money is saved while dishes stay intact. Also, avoid running the rinse and holding cycle on the dishwasher; this will use lots of gallons of hot water which ultimately will increase the household's utility bills.

Bathroom Cleaning

The same all-purpose spray cleaner or vinegar applied in the kitchen will also work wonders with almost any bathroom surface. Save sometime by preparing several spray bottles of cleaner and placing one in each bathroom. A denture tablet dropped into the toilet will clean the bowl very cheaply and with little or no effort at all. Use old newspapers to wipe bathroom mirrors and windows clean and dry (after spraying them with vinegar or a glass cleaner) in the place of paper towel to save money and also achieve a streak-free shine. A dab of toothpaste will help to get rid of hard water stains from bathroom faucets. Just place a bit of toothpaste on the spigot and use an old toothbrush to scrub, then rinse out.


Money Saving Laundry Tips

Pass on purchasing those costly dryer sheets that soften clothing. Instead, dampen an old clean sock by applying diluted liquid fabric softener and tossing it into the dryer with each load of clothes. Dry off the loads of clothes in a consecutive order as while dryer remain hot. This will to save money on the energy bill by avoiding having to heat up with every load of clothes. Separate the dryer loads into the light-weight and the heavy-weight articles. Those light-weight clothing articles take a lesser time to dry and the dryer ones does not have to run as long.

More Money Saving Tips

Save some money by making room deodorizer. Put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a couple of cotton balls. Place these cotton balls into a decorative glass jar which has a lid. When you require some room fragrance, remove the lid and allow the fragrance to fill up the room and thereby deodorizing it.


Apply table salt to eliminate muddy footprints from carpeting. Sprinkle a copious amount of the salt onto the muddy footprint; use a damp cloth to rub the salt into the carpet. Then allow for it to set for about an hour. Vacuum-up the salt and mud residues. If any traces of mud still remains, mix about a quarter teaspoon of dishwashing liquid into one quart of warm water. Soak a clean cloth on the mixture and use the wet cloth to blot the mud residue. Vacuum when it has dried.

Bathroom Cleaning