Planning your wedding and want to know some good tips for saving money for your wedding?

Here are a few things we've found have saved us lots of money so far:

  • Obtain at least 3 quotes from places for things like flowers and cakes, and then you can go back to each of them saying how much you like them but have another 2 quotes in for less and theirs is over your budget; they will quickly bring the price down to keep you! We saved over £150 from our florist's original quote by saying this!
  • If the shop where you purchased your wedding dress and/or bridesmaid dresses do suits, ask for a discount or to throw in the groom's suit for free.
  • If you have lots of suits to hire ask for a discount, we got 15% off as we have 10 to hire.
  • Make as much yourself as possible: you can save a fortune by making your own invitations, order of services, menus, table plan, bunting, decorations etc. We were quoted £3 each per invitation but saved loads by making them all ourselves. Look at internet sites for all your stationery.
  • Be creative and make your own favour boxes and favours - try making your own chocolate shapes or truffles, these will be cheaper and really special for your guests.
  • Ask about corkage at your venue. it may work out cheaper for you to do that than have the wine they provide.
  • Chair covers: we found venues were charging £3 for each chair cover and bow, we found we could buy them on eBay for 99p a pair, and you then have them to re-sell after the big day.
  • Serve your wedding cake as desert; ask your venue about taking a few pounds off per person as you won't need them to provide desert. This way you save money and your cake actually gets enjoyed by all your guests! You might want to ask them to provide ice-cream or fruit to go with it but this should still all work out cheaper.

I hope you find these useful, I'm sure I'll find more the closer it gets to our wedding and I will let you know. Please share any tips you've found with us!


Wedding Venue

Our Table layout from our wedding

Money Saving Tips for Weddings